The return of the Easneye Lecture

10th November 2018

The well-known Christian writer and broadcaster Elaine Storkey visited All Nations on Friday 9th November to give the 2018 Easneye Lecture.

All Nations was delighted to host Elaine Storkey for the first Easneye Lecture in over a decade.

Elaine shared about the violence perpetrated against women around the world, and the role that religion can play, both for good and for ill. It was a challenging and engaging event, as Elaine was brimming over with facts stories and advice to a listening crowd of over 90 people.

The Lecture drew on Elaine’s research for her widely acclaimed book ‘Scars across humanity: understanding and overcoming violence against women’ (published by SPCK).

Elaine’s other books include: ‘What's right with feminism’; ‘Mary's story, Mary's song’; ‘Magnify the Lord’; ‘The search for intimacy’; ‘Conversations on Christian feminism’; ‘Created or constructed: the great gender debate’; The origins of difference’; and ‘Word on the street’.

Mandy Marshall - the Co-Director of Restored (an international Christian alliance working to end violence against women), also took time to highlight the work of 'Restored' within the Church too, as they aim to educate and provide resources for churches to take action.

Suffice to say the re-launch of the 'Easneye Lecture' was a great success; bringing together friends from local churches and All Nations students engage with this important issue. We hope to continue the Easneye Lecture as an annual event - inviting experts to share about a variety of topics and issues prevalent around the world today for the Church to engage in.

Please keep referring to our events page on the college website to find out more about other upcoming Easneye Lectures:




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