The return of the Easneye Lecture

9th October 2018

The well-known Christian writer and broadcaster Elaine Storkey is due to Easneye Lecturevisit All Nations on Friday 9th November to give the 2018 Easneye Lecture.

All Nations is delighted to be hosting Elaine Storkey at the first Easneye Lecture for over a decade.

Elaine will be speaking about the violence perpetrated against women around the world, and the role that religion can play, both for good and for ill.

The Lecture will draw on Elaine’s research for her widely acclaimed book ‘Scars across humanity: understanding and overcoming violence against women’ (published by SPCK).

Elaine’s other books include: ‘What's right with feminism’; ‘Mary's story, Mary's song’; ‘Magnify the Lord’; ‘The search for intimacy’; ‘Conversations on Christian feminism’; ‘Created or constructed: the great gender debate’; The origins of difference’; and ‘Word on the street’.

All Nations is pleased to bring back the Easneye Lecture and hopes that it will provide a space for friends and students of All Nations to learn about a variety of topics and issues prevalent around the world today.

Please keep referring to our events page on the college website to find out more about other upcoming Easneye Lectures:




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