The En Route, Explore and Express courses are exclusive to All Nations.

Experienced mission practitioners and trainers have developed these courses with your preparation for cross-cultural ministry very much in mind. Proven over a number of years, and updated every time they are run, these courses have been invaluable to over 800 people involved in cross-cultural service in the UK, Europe and around the world.

  • En Route

    Residential - September │January │April
    En Route is a 10-week, residential course of essential training that covers the basics of cross-cultural service. It ideal for those who are considering involvement in cross-cultural work at home or abroad but have little or no previous training; as well as for those with some experience who are looking to reflect and build on their understanding. Many churches, Christian organisations and Mission Agencies around the world recommend this course for their members and leaders whilst others use it for preparation for longer term mission. 

  • Explore

    Online - September │January │April
    If you are unable to spend 10 weeks at All Nations, we invite you to consider Explore; our 13-week, online course that provides a foundation for cross-cultural mission service. As part of an online community, you will participate in an interactive course written and facilitated by a training team who have current mission experience. Explore is particularly geared towards those needing more flexibility with regard to their study options.

  • Express


    Residential - December │July
    This 5-day, intensive, residential course is ideally suited to those who are wanting to explore cross-cultural ministry in their local context or who are preparing for a short term cross-cultural mission trip abroad but who have little training, experience or time. Church members who are involved in supporting cross-cultural workers, as well as those just seeking to get a better understanding of what is means to be “missional”, have also found this course very useful.

  • Encounter

    Express (Online)

    Runs throughout the year
    Are you considering or about to embark on a short-term missions trip; interested or involved in cross-cultural missions in your local community; wanting to learn more about mission and what it means to be missional; involved in supporting missions in your local church or through a mission agency? Then the Express online course may be just for you!

  • Express Netherlands

    Residential - Wednesday 25 - Monday 29 May 2022
    Express-NL is a short, dynamic and interactive missions training course that will be held in May 2022. The course is designed for a Dutch speaking audience and aims to lay a foundation for the understanding and practice of cross-cultural missions in any context, home or abroad.  ---

    Heb jij een hart voor zending? Ben je betrokken bij een thuisfrontcommissie of wil je meer leren over intercultureel, missionair werk? Dan is Express iets voor jou! Na twintig succesvolle edities vanuit Engeland, wordt deze bondige zendingscursus voor de tweede keer in Nederland aangeboden.

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