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Serving God's mission to fulfil the Great Commission

Message From Our Principal

At All Nations Christian College, we welcome anyone intending to pursue biblical and intercultural mission and ministry training, in person or remotely, in order to serve God’s mission and fulfil the ‘Great Commission’ of Christ (Matthew 28:19–20).

Mission is not geographically centred or from ‘the west to the rest’; it is from anywhere to everywhere, and from all nations to all nations. For some, it means serving locally, but for others it means going overseas.

When I was a young graduate living in India, God called me to mission and ministry training, which remains my passion to this day.

All Nations is an exciting intercultural learning community that unites students in our on-campus classrooms with those joining live online from elsewhere in the world. It is a vibrant and multicultural learning environment in which we live and breathe our holistic and transformative approach to mission and ministry training. It is not just about acquiring knowledge in our heads; at All Nations we also focus on the personal and spiritual formation of each individual.

We also ensure that students are biblically competent, theologically knowledgeable, culturally engaged and spiritually well-formed. Graduates are equipped to integrate theory and practice. All students receive personal and spiritual support from a dedicated tutor throughout their course.

Perhaps the most important thing about All Nations Christian College is that we never stop praying for our students, long after they have graduated … which was as long ago as the 1960s for some.

We also offer various Continuing Professional Development programmes for our students’ lifelong learning, helping them remain reflective practitioners.

In a survey, most of the employers we contacted agreed that our graduates are resilient, remain in their vocation of mission and ministry for a long time, and are excellent at conflict resolution. This can be true for you too.

If you are considering a life in ministry or mission, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please don’t worry if you have not yet chosen a course; we can help you match your intentions and aspirations with the right topics, at the appropriate levels. We can support you with visa applications, funding, finding accommodation, schools and nurseries for you and your family, and much more.

Please contact us today and we will help you.

Rev Dr V J Samkutty
Interim Principal and CEO


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