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Creation Care, Mission in Europe and Vulnerable Children Modules in New MA

The Open University (OU) has approved our updated Master’s programme, which includes several new modules, and a new award in Arts and Intercultural Worship.

The updated programme will run from September 2023.  It comprises the following 8 awards, including the new award:

  1. Missiology

  2. Intercultural Leadership

  3. Transformational Development

  4. Church, Mission and World Christianity

  5. Diaspora and Intercultural Church

  6. Contextual Theology (MTh)

  7. Staff Care and Wellbeing

  8. Arts & Intercultural Worship.

The updated programme has four new, pioneering modules:

  1. Creation Care and Christian Mission

  2. Vulnerable Children (with biblical and theological perspectives)

  3. Arts in Mission and Ministry

  4. Mission in Europe, in terms of context and practice.

The OU carries out an essential, rigorous assessment of all new or proposed courses. In a glowing report, the OU’s panel commended All Nations Christian College for:

  • The agility and forward-thinking nature of the College, to keep the programme current and at the cutting edge.

  • The use of student peer mentors to provide support for newly enrolled students.

  • The work it has done to create and maintain a college community, including online and campus students, covering both academic and extracurricular activities.

  • The extensive and wide-ranging consultation it undertook with stakeholders and collaborators in the development of the revised programme.

“We are grateful that the OU recognised the rigour of the process we went through, and the overall quality of the programme. This ensures that All Nations’ international postgraduate programme remains on the cutting edge of cross-cultural mission training. We look forward to supporting many more students around the globe.

“In practice, our MA lectures are live cross-cultural experiences in themselves, as online students from across the world join on-site students live in the classroom through video conferencing technology. Students involved in a variety of mission work in a range of cultural and religious contexts and time zones come together, guaranteeing a rich, stimulating and transformative learning experience that will equip them well for the future,” commented Dr Mark Galpin, Postgraduate Programme Leader, Tutor and Lecturer.

The new courses are now available, and anyone with a degree and a working interest in Christian mission and ministry can sign up. For more information, please contact or apply online.

The MA is available as a full-time (11-month), part-time (two-year) or online (three-year) course. Alternatively, students can enrol for a postgraduate certificate or diploma.

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