Who are the courses for?

Our Advanced Short Courses are at postgraduate level and ideal for anyone:

  • Involved in and looking to deepen their understanding of the theory and practice of mission in diverse contexts (both in the UK and beyond)
  • Wanting to update their knowledge of cutting edge theory and practice from a biblical perspective
  • Practitioners who are moving into new areas and contexts in their mission involvement.

Participants should ideally have:

  • A minimum of two years’ relevant experience to the course they are accessing
  • A good level of English Language (equivalent to 7.0 IELTS)


These courses are delivered as intensive, or modular courses:


A mixture of input and discussion, drawing on students' own experience from around the world

Duration:  4 - 5 days

Location:  Classroom based and residential


Weekly lectures (2 - 3 hours) combined with self study

Duration:  10 weeks

Location: On campus or remotely


Guided weekly study with student discussion and interaction via an online forum

Duration:  10 weeks

Location: Online

Please note there are no marked assignments or academic credits for Advanced Short Courses

Looking for something else?

Check out our series of Short Courses 

  • Expressions of Church Worldwide

    8 January - 16 March 2024 (every Tuesday, 10am - 1pm GMT)
    MODULAR online optional
    This course will be of particular interest to church planters, church leaders, and those who wish to explore the field of World Christianity with an emphasis on expressions of church.

  • Staff Care and Wellbeing: Principles and Processes

    8 January - 16 March 2024 (every Wednesday, 10am - 1pm GMT)
    MODULAR online optional
    This course is targetted at those who have responsibility for the welfare of staff and volunteers in a variety of contexts. It explores principles of staff care and wellbeing in mission agencies, churches, and other organisations, with special consideration of their organisational and cultural contexts.

  • Creation Care & Christian Mission

    8 January - 16 March 2024 (every Tuesday, 10am - 1pm GMT)
    MODULAR online optional

    This course explores and examines the reality, theology and praxis of the missional mandate to care for creation. Participants will have the opportunity toexamine the biblical mandate for creation care; explore the key environmental issues facing humanity and the impact of these locally, regionally and globally; and engage in in-depth biblical and theological reflection on these issues, and develop effective, contextually appropriate missional responses to them.


  • Leading Across Cultures

    8 January - 16 March 2024 (every Friday, 10am - 1pm GMT)
    MODULAR online optional
    This module equips particpants with the knowledge, skills and understanding to lead effectively in complex multicultural and cross-cultural missional contexts.

  • Community Transformation: Principles & Practices

    8 January - 16 March 2024 (every Thursday, 10am - 1pm GMT)
    MODULAR online optional
    Suitable for those wanting to deepen their understanding of development from a biblical perspective, this course provides a critical understanding and analysis of the key concepts and principles of transformational (or holistic) approaches to development, with a particular emphasis on grassroots, community level initiatives...

  • Contextual Theology: Methods & Models

    8 January - 16 March 2024
    Suitable for those wanting to deepen their theological understanding and practice, this course focuses is on theological method, and an analysis of the methods used by theologians from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and theological traditions...

  • Migration, Diaspora and Church

    8 January - 16 March 2024 (every Thursday, 7.00pm - 9.00pm GMT)
    MODULAR online optional
    Global migration is a growing and complex phenomenon which is having a profound religious, social, cultural, economic, and political impact at every level of society, nationally and intercontinentally. This course is primarily aimed at leaders and members of diaspora/intercultural church communities, as well as others who want to reflect missiologically on this form of church.

  • Community Transformation: Planning, design and management

    15 - 18 April 2024
    INTENSIVE online optional
    This course equips particpants with the practical skills and knowledge to plan, design and manage transformational programme interventions, and play a leading role in the agencies involved in this type of work in a diverse range of contexts.

  • Staff Care and Wellbeing: Issues and Application

    15 - 18 April 2024
    optional online
    This course examines the theory and implementation of staff care and wellbeing in different contexts, including consideration of non-western perspectives. A range of complex issues faced by staff care providers will be discussed, including (but not restricted to): selection and pre-field training, transitions (including re-entry), cross-cultural teams and conflict transformation, pastoral and interpersonal issues, generational issues, and third culture kids (TCKs).

  • Mission in Europe: Context and Practice

    15 - 18 April 2024

    Once characterised as “The Christian Continent”, Europe today is on the frontier of World Christianity rather than its centre.  Given its diversity of contexts, it is perhaps the most challenging arena for Christian mission in the world today.  This module explores both the crucial issues for mission in Britain and Europe today and the practice of contemporary mission that is suitable for that context. 

  • Vulnerable Children: Biblical and Theological Perspectives

    15th - 18th April 2024
     online optional

    Vulnerable children or ‘children at risk’ live across the world and face numerous factors that can prevent them from thriving as whole people created in God’s image. This advanced short course aims to ‘upskill’ Christians involved in working with and on behalf of vulnerable children and young people by developing them as informed reflective practitioners able to draw on a rich resource of applied biblical, theological, and missiological thinking.

  • Mission Strategy

    15 - 18 April 2024
    INTENSIVE online optional
    This course equips participants with the skills, tools and knoweldge to both develop and critique mission strategies for a range of global contexts. Participants are introduced to secular strategic theory, examine historical mission strategies, engage with key current issues relevant to mission strategy and learn from case studies from expereinced mission leaders and organisations working in a variety of contexts.

  • Contextual Engagement with Islam

    15 - 18 April 2024
    INTENSIVE online optional
    Suitable for those wanting to deepen their understanding and engagement with the Islamic world, this course explores the diversity of contextual issues related to Christian engagement with Islam from the early years of Islam until the present.  It observes theological and missional concerns by highlighting Christian responses to Islam from John of Damascus and Metropolitan Timothy of the Early Middle Ages to current interaction.

  • Intercultural Worship

    15 - 18 April 2024
    On campus
    The aim of this course is to deepen participants understanding of both the theory and practice of intercultural worship. The course will draw specifically on the discipline of ‘Ethnodoxology’ and will enable participants to analyze, critique and apply creative and relevant models for arts and worship practice.


  • Contextual Theology: Contemporary Issues

    22 April - 29 June 2024
    This course extends the focus on explicitly contextual theologies, by exploring their application to a range of contemporary missiological issues, including Identity, Globalisation and Power, Engagement with Other Faiths, Integral Mission, Spirituality and Discipleship.  Throughout the module, the issues are considered in the context of World Christianity and intercultural dialogue.

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