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Community Life

All Nations is a diverse, supportive and vibrant community. You will be living and studying with others from all over the world, so your intercultural training starts on day one!

Preparing You to Cross the Cultures

Preparing You to Cross the Cultures


Worship is important to us and is built into the rhythm of community life - we worship both as a community body all together and in smaller tutor groups. United in Christ, our worship reflects our diversity: drawing from many different cultures and traditions, we can enjoy multicultural worship. Prayer is the heartbeat of the College. We encourage deep personal prayer and intercessory prayer for the world. We also break from routine to focus completely on God for a ‘quiet day’ every term.    


Teamwork and service are also high valued at All Nations. We serve one another in practical ways helping out with gardening, IT support, cleaning, or through volunteering on the student committee. We recognise everyone has a part to play. Every student is part of a team, helping with the day to day maintenance of the College on a regular basis.


Living in a diverse, multicultural Christian community brings many joys but also presents its own challenges. However, there is a shared commitment to honour Christ and each other in daily life. Through living in community, you can grow in faith, learn from one another’s insights and experiences, and build friendships that will last a lifetime.


Having fun is a core value within the student community. Alongside studying, there are important roles for both resting and engaging with others. As such, students organise many fun activities including tea and coffee parties, cultural celebrations, board games and movie nights and, for the more active, football, table tennis and volleyball are always popular activities.

The Site

In 1971 three missionary training colleges combined to form All Nations at its present site at Easneye near Ware in Hertfordshire. Since then it has become one of the largest centres in Western Europe for the training of missionaries...
Read about the heritage of Easneye House

All Nations is located in 6 hectares (15 acres) of beautiful green countryside just 45 minutes from London and Cambridge, close to several small towns and villages with a variety of amenities. All Nations is also within close range of Stansted Airport (an easy train journey, 36 kilometres / 22 miles away) and Luton Airport (40 kilometres / 25 miles away), while Heathrow Airport is just 80 kilometres / 50 miles away.


We have many good primary and secondary schools within easy reach of College that eligible children attend (subject to the availability of places). Children are eligible to attend a local school if they are a British citizen or are usually resident in the UK. If you are coming to the UK on a visitor visa, unfortunately your children are not eligible to attend a UK school.

There are a good number of childminders and day-care nurseries close to College.  Whilst we cannot recommend any particular providers, we can put you in touch with current students who use local providers or provide you with a list of local providers.

Alternatively, families can choose to bring a family friend with them to look after their children whilst they are studying. If you are considering this option, please discuss this with the administrator for your course.

Yes, you can but you will need to work out how this will work around your studies. We have two rooms set aside for childcare/home-schooling. Each has a range of books, toys and games but you will need to provide your own consumable learning materials. We also have plenty of outside space for children to be active and engage in learning activities.

We are also able to connect you with local private tutors who may be able to help with tutoring.

Family Perspectives

An interview featuring one of our students with a young family, living near College.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I'm Chris, I'm married, we have a son, and our second child is due! Before coming to College I worked as a Barrister and my wife worked in international student recruitment and marketing.

Why did you choose All Nations?

We had spoken to lots of people about which Bible College we should attend and sent off for prospectuses, but All Nations seemed to most clearly fit our training needs (we hope to be involved in church planting and other ministries in Japan) and we had several friends who had attended and recommended it to us.

How have you found studying at College?

It has surpassed my expectations! I found the initial adjustment of returning to studying more difficult than I expected, but an assessment early in the first term helped me gain confidence and understand what was required of me.The diversity of subjects covered is a real strength of the course here and having lecturers who have great experiences of different cultures means that every lecture is related to cross-cultural life and work.

Having said all that, the friendships that we have formed and the chance to be around other students who have experience of mission and really godly lives to learn from are probably the highlight.

How has it been studying as a parent?

We moved to our flat which is 10 minutes drive from College when our son was 8 weeks old, and started College when he was 12 weeks. Many friends told us we were crazy, and we (especially my wife) was very apprehensive, but it has been brilliant.

We both find it hard to imagine a better place to have young children. There is such a community feel and he loves having lots of 'Aunties' and 'Uncles' to play with. We have had such support from all our friends and All Nations staff who really understand the pressures of having small children.

We do have to be very disciplined in our studying, especially in the evenings when our son is asleep, to make sure that we fit it all in. This has meant that we see less of the social side of College, but we still feel involved and it is great to have a home that we can invite our College friends to.

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