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About Us

We are a global community of learners, educators and disciples of Jesus.

All Nations Christian College serves the global church by training and equipping disciples of Jesus Christ for mission in a multicultural world.

About Us

All Nations is an independent, evangelical, interdenominational mission training Bible College

Our purpose

The purpose of All Nations is to train students in cross-cultural mission. Today, All Nations is one of the largest colleges of its type in Europe and welcomes students and their families from all over the world. Our international teaching staff have a wide range of mission experience and cross-cultural expertise. Many of our students have also already been on overseas mission, further adding to the fusion of ideas and teaching that takes place at All Nations. All Nations is located in beautiful wooded surroundings in Hertfordshire, just north of London. There is accommodation for around 100 students on campus (more live locally) and there are dining, computing and sports facilities available to students and their families on site. Other facilities such as shops, banks, leisure centres, swimming pools and cinemas are just a short car journey away.

Our Ethos

Holistic and Transformative Learning

Head, Heart and Hands Approach

At All Nations, we believe that people are whole beings and learn best when subjects are taught in an integrated way, addressing our minds, attitudes and our ability to do things. Thoughts (the cognitive domain), feelings (the affective domain) and acts (the psychomotor domain) are rarely discrete entities but are the expression and combination of who we are.

Traditionally training focuses on these three learning domains. We acknowledge, however, that when we learn in a more connected way - with head, hearts and hands all engaged - that this integration ensures fuller assimilation of each subject into the understanding and experience of the learner, thus enabling a process of personal and group transformation through the learning experience.

So if you come to All Nations be prepared to engage not only your head (mind, intellect) but also your heart (character, emotions) and hands (actions, relationships and practical skills), trusting that God will use this approach as a tool for transformation.

Training and more!

All Nations is more than just a mission training college. As well as our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, we also run a variety of short courses and events onsite at Easneye. We also have a conference centre and fantastic mission library facilities available for public use.

Since 1971 All Nations Christian College has relied on generous funding from donors and supporters, for which we are very grateful. We aim to communicate meaningful information to all of our supporters and enquirers by email, post and sometimes telephone. Our communications may include information about our facilities, courses, events, opportunities, news and ways our supporters can help us train and equip people from all around the world for cross-cultural mission.

All Nations - Preparing you to Cross Cultures

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