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All Nations equips with effective tools for God's mission

Mission is not just a speciality, it is EVERYTHING we do.

Our training focuses on four key areas:

  • Biblical and Theological Understanding: understanding and applying God’s Word

  • Cross-cultural Engagement: understanding other cultures and how to engage with them

  • Personal Development and Spiritual Maturity: understanding ourselves and others''

  • Relevant Ministry and Practical Skills: understanding practical ways of applying your learning.

Life Long Learning

At All Nations we believe that being equipped for mission is not a one off experience but is a life-long process. Whether you are just exploring what mission is, or have been involved in Christian ministry and mission for years, we will have a course for you! Our courses range from foundational level to post graduate training.

Biblical and Theological Studies are part of your training so that you can be effective and confident in speaking about the Bible as well as sure of your position when the awkward questions start to come your way. You will always receive this training from a cross-cultural missional perspective.

Cross-Cultural Studies- we offer a range of modules that enable you to engage with a variety of different faiths and cultures around the world.

Personal and Spiritual Growth is essential in your preparation for mission. Our courses cover topics such as prayer, spiritual warfare, pastoral issues and how to avoid burnout.

Practical Ministry enables you to engage and give to the local church and community We provide ministry placements for you to get practical “hands on” training and experience. We also offer short day courses to help you develop useful skills such as car mechanics, basic dentistry, hairdressing and digital technology!

Holistic Learning

Head, Heart and Hands Approach
At All Nations, we believe that people are whole beings and learn best when subjects are taught in an integrated way, addressing our minds, attitudes and our ability to do things. Thoughts (the cognitive domain), Feelings (the affective domain) and Acts (the psychomotor domain) are rarely discrete entities but are the expression and combination of who we are.

Traditionally training focuses on these three learning domains. We acknowledge, however, that when we learn in a more connected way - with head, hearts and hands all engaged - that this integration ensures fuller assimilation of each subject into the understanding and experience of the learner, thus enabling a process of personal and group transformation through the learning experience.

Undergraduate Learning

All undergraduate courses are taught using our holistic learning approach. For more information please see the Undergraduate Programme page or go to the relevant course page (Certificate, Diploma or Degree).

Postgraduate Learning

For specific information regarding postgraduate learning and teaching methods please see the Postgraduate Programme page.

Flexible Learning

Flexible learning takes into account the busy lives that people lead these days. Depending on your availability and time we are able to offer you courses ranging from 5 days to 3 years.

We also understand that not everybody can physically get to All Nations, so we offer a variety of online and flexible delivery training programmes too. Flexible Delivery is when students from all around the world study with and at the same time as those in the classroom. This is achieved through video technology. 

Fast track Learning

En Route, Explore and Express
If you are imminently heading for cross-cultural mission service then our en route courses are for you. Our 10 week residential en route course will prepare will give you the essential basic training needed to equip you, especially for short term missions. Many mission agencies have recommended their missionaries to attend this course.

If you can’t come to All Nations, our 13 week explore online course will provide you with essential foundational level mission training.

For those going on short mission trips, our express course is available, this can be accessed either as a 5 day residential course or online (20 hours).

Short Courses and Advanced Short Courses
In addition to the full-time courses offered at All Nations, there are a variety of complimentary, standalone courses run by a combination of our own staff and other experts. These include advanced short courses at post graduate level. Our courses are open to all and provide insights into contemporary cross-cultural issues relevant to mission.

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