Course Fees and Finance

Academic Year 2021 - 2022:

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Future Increase in Fees
It is not possible to confirm fees for future academic years but the maximum increase in each year for tuition fees for validated courses for returning students will not exceed the rate of inflation, as measured by the consumer prices index (CPI).


At the start of your programme of study, undergraduate and postgraduate students are given a statement with the fees for the year charged. A new statement will be issued at regular intervals unless your account balance is nil.

Shorter courses are invoiced at or before the start of the course.


All offers are conditional upon you being able to meet the costs of your first term of study and you having a reasonable plan in place to meet, in a timely manner, the costs of the remainder of your programme. Click here to read the Payment terms and conditions.

We prefer payment of fees by direct bank transfer (click here for more details). However it is better if accommodation deposits are paid via our Make Payment page, since it is easier to process refunds at the end of the year in the same way.

Tuition fees may also be paid via the Make Payment page. We prefer not to receive payment by cheque, but if this is the only method of payment possible, cheques should be made payable to ‘All Nations Christian College Ltd’

Please be sure to quote your surname and purpose on all payments. If someone else, e.g. supporting church or Mission Organisation, is paying money in on your behalf, please ask them to quote your surname on all payments and correspondence.

College Bursaries

It is possible to apply for a bursary to contribute towards your fees. Amounts granted are normally up to £2000. Bursaries are granted for a maximum of 1 year only, but returning students may apply for subsequent years. Find out more about the eligibility criteria here.

Student Loans

The eligibility criteria and application process for applying for a UK student loan are set out clearly here. This includes links to information for EU students and those from different parts of the UK.

The College is currently designated to offer student loans for Undergraduate full time courses and Postgraduate full time and part-time courses, however, distance learning and part-time Undergraduate students may also be eligible for receiving a student loan.
Please note, students on part-time Postgraduate courses can only claim a tuition fee loan if their course is studied over two years. Those studying part-time on our Postgraduate course over 3 years are not eligible to receive tuition fee funding as student loan regulations state that part-time courses which have a 1 year full time equivalent can only receive funding over two years part-time.

For full-time Undergraduate students, please be aware that you can only receive tuition fee funding to cover £6,000 of your tuition fees. You will be required to make up the shortfall that any SLC loan does not cover.

We would encourage all students to carefully read the eligibility criteria before completing the student loan application form. If the College is made aware of any student who is in receipt of a loan, but does not fulfil all the eligibility criteria we are obliged to report this to the Student Loans Company, which may result in your loan being withdrawn.

You will need the following codes when making your student loan application:
Higher Education Provider (HEP) code : COAY
UKPRN: 10000216
Location Code: A

If you have any student loan related queries please send them to

Living Onsite - Potential Extra Costs (academic year 2021-22)

College Accommodation

Board and Accommodation fees are included in the programme fees sheets at the top of this page.

A room deposit of £50 is currently required for standard rooms. Rented family accommodation currently requires a deposit of £600. This will be refunded if the accommodation is left in an acceptable condition. It should be paid at the same time as the course deposit (on acceptance of the course). 

Payment for Accommodation deposits should always be made by card via our website Make Payment page. Accommodation fees can be paid by bank transfer or via the College website Make Payment page. 

Students are expected to find and fund their own accommodation during the holiday periods.

College holiday accommodation may be available for students outside of term time subject to availability. Please book holiday accommodation as early as possible to avoid any disappointment. NB The current rate during the holidays for 2021-22 is £32.40 per adult per night and will need prior approval by the Conference Manager who can be contacted at:

College Onsite Facilities

- The cost for replacing a lost fob is currently £15.

- A deposit of £20 will be taken for your room key if you require one.

- Washing machines (£2.20 per wash) and tumble dryers (£1 per cycle) are available on site.

- A small shop is available on site where you can buy toiletries, stationery, snacks etc.

- There is a small gym available on site which is free of charge.

Student Body

- Student Body Fees are currently set at £6 per term.

- Tutor groups suggest a donation of approximately £2 per term to cover group social events.


- Students are expected to provide their own stationery.

- £1 printing cards can be purchased which cover the cost of printing 20 sheets of A4 black and white or 4 sheets in colour. £5 cards are also available.

- Each student will be billed for photocopying costs at the end of each term (5p per black and white copy and 25p per colour copy).


- Students are expected to fund their own travel costs to and from College and during their time in the UK.

- Some students elect to buy an annual student rail discount card for trips to London.

- The College has vehicles (cars and minibus) available for the use of students over 25 for which students are billed for mileage by the Student transport rep towards the end of each term. 

Ministry and Church Placements

Ministry Placements offer an opportunity for students to begin to understand the financial implications of doing ministry and to exercise faith in God to provide for them. We would encourage all students to be aware of all of the costs involved in ministry, particularly travel costs, and to exercise Christian stewardship.

Each ministry placement will have a unique cost and a memorandum of agreement with the church or charity concerned. In some cases the church or charity will bear partial or full costs of travel and in other cases the student or the college will carry the cost. Please make yourself aware of the arrangements for the placement you have chosen.

Should the college be responsible for the cost of travel to a ministry placement they should complete a travel expenses form. For full details and deadlines see the Ministry Placement Handbook.

Ministry Internship

Ministry internship requires undertaking an extended supervised placement as part of a team in a cross cultural context lasting approximately 3 weeks. The student can choose to work in a multicultural context within the UK or overseas. All costs relating to the Ministry Internship will be unique to the internship and are the responsibility of the student. The following is not an exhaustive but a list of potential expenses for the internship:

 - travel: international and domestic flights - if relevant

 - visa and immigration charges - if relevant

 - health insurance and vaccination costs - if relevant

 - accommodation and food

-  travel during the placement - rail/ bus/ taxi etc


Students are expected to organise payment for the meals and accommodation costs of their guests.

With the permission of the lecturer and at least 24 hours’ notice, College and student guests may attend a one hour lecture free of charge. After that lectures are charged at £15 per hour in advance.

Overseas Students

Potential Extra Costs

Overseas students who require a visa to study at All Nations will need to budget for the extra costs this can incur, such as,

- visa application fee

- biometric testing fee

- Tuberculosis screening fee

- Submission of documents fee

- Immigration Health Surcharge

- English Language test costs (e.g. cost of the test, travel to a test centre etc)

- For more information please click here.

Transcripts and Certificates

Duplicate transcripts and certificates

- Duplicate transcripts for alumni are charged at £20 per document (plus overseas postage if applicable).

- Duplicate O.U. certificates are only available from The OU; details including costs are available here.

- Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) application fee is £100

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