We suggest you look at the Visa General Guidance below before clicking on the specific visa information that applies to your situation. 

Please note that the information on our website is for guidance only - you should always check the UKVI websites for the latest information. You may find the final heading on this page particularly useful for finding the link you need on gov.uk.


Visa General Guidance

What Changes have been made to the UK Visa System?

From 1 January 2021 several changes were made to the UK visa system. The most notable changes which affect those wishing to study in the UK are:

     - Changes to the rules governing European students
     - Passports
now need to be valid for the whole of your intended stay.
     - Changes to the names and purpose of the various visas covering study in the UK:

i) The Short-Term Student Visa will now only apply for those taking an English Language course and cannot therefore be used for those wishing to study at ANCC.

ii) The Standard Visitor Visa will now be required by those taking a course lasting less than 6 months unless you are from a country which exempts you from this visa. However, even those who do not require a visa must follow visitor immigration rules. See here

iii) The former Tier 4 visa has been replaced by the Student Visa for those wishing to study on a programme lasting more than 6 months e.g. our Certificate, Diploma and Undergraduate or Postgraduate degree programmes.

Who needs a Visa to study in the UK?

From 1st January 2021 the rules changed concerning who needs a visa to study in the UK. If you need a visa, there are different types depending on how long your programme of study lasts (more or less than 6 months).

To find out if you need a visa to study in the UK, this link is helpful.

I have pre-settlement status, do I need a visa to study?

See here for full details on the EU settlement scheme. In brief, with settled or pre-settled status you will be able to:

     - work in the UK
     - use the NHS for free, if you had that right when you applied for settlement
     - enrol in education or study in the UK
     - access public funds such as benefits and pensions, if you are eligible for them
     - travel in and out of the UK

This does not apply to those who applied for settlement after 31st December 2020

What type of visa do I need to study at All Nations?

You may need a Standard Visitor Visa if you are studying for less than 6 months for example, on:

     - One of our residential En Route courses (En Route and Express). 
     - One of our other short courses e.g. Engaging with Islam, Arts for a Better Future etc
     - One of our Advanced Short Courses.
     - On an intensive residential module which is part of one of our degree programmes (only possible if you are a distance learner).

You may need a Student Visa if you are studying for 6 months or more, for example, on one of our undergraduate or postgraduate Open University validated programmes, for example:

     - Cert HE.
     - Dip HE.
     - BA Hons).
     - Any of our Postgraduate awards.

Please note: It is not possible to get a Student Visa if you are studying on any of the College’s own awards (ANCC Certificate and ANCC Diploma).

Where can I find out more information about visas?

Given the recent major changes to UKVI visa regulations due to COVID and BREXIT, please follow the links below for the most up-to-date information. 

Our Admissions Team: The Admissions department of your chosen programme of study will be pleased to discuss the visa requirements with you, but you are ultimately responsible for making sure you have met all the UKVI requirements before making your visa application. For example, it is very important that you know when you can apply, all of the costs involved (including health surcharge), what tests you should have taken (English language, TB), what documentation you need (qualification certificates, proof of funding) and are able to meet these requirements in time to make your visa application at the right time. Given that applying for a visa can be a lengthy process, you will want to make your application as early as possible to avoid the risk of being unable to start your programme of study as planned. 

Information from All Nations: You may find it useful to visit either of these pages on our website:

     - Studying at All Nations for less than 6 months
     - Studying at All Nations for 6 months or more

The British Government websites below are particularly helpful:

     - General information, which can be found here, has all the relevant general information about applying for a visa.
     - Student Visa information can be found here.
     - EU applicants guidance document can be found here
     - Standard Visitor Visa information can be found here
     - European students will find this site useful too.

Other useful websites: Information on studying in the UK for all international students can also be found:

     - http://www.ukcisa.org.uk
     - http://www.britishcouncil.org

Specific Visa Information

Studying at All Nations for less than 6 months

If you are planning to study at All Nations for less than 6 months, please click here.

Studying at All Nations for 6 months or more

If you are planning to study at All Nations for 6 months or more, please click here.

Other Useful Visa Information Links

Temporary Visa arrangements

Check if you need a UK visa

Check if you are a Visa National

About the EU Settlement Scheme

General UK Gov visa information

The Student Visa

The Student Visa Casework Guidance

Standard Visitor Visa

Visitor Casework Guidance

Visiting as an EU citizen

Introduction to Points based immigration system for EU students


Find a visa application centre

Visa fees

Advice for UK Visa applicants and Temporary UK residents

TB Screening

Biometric Residence Permits

Immigration Health Surcharge

UG and PG Eligibility Criteria (English Language requirements etc)
ANCC Admissions Policy

English Language SELT tests

OANDA currency website

E Gates

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