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Missiology (PG Certificate)

This award provides you with an introduction to the study of missiology at postgraduate level.

The All Nations PG Certificate in Missiology provides students with a strong foundation for their missiological studies through completion of two core modules and one elective from across the wider postgraduate programme.

Core Modules

Holistic Learning Foundations

Students are enabled to develop the study, research and reflective skills required to engage in the theological, missiological and research components of the programme. The module encourages the student to think in a holistic, integrated way about their studies and experience across disciplines, and to develop their skills as reflective practitioners and researchers, with a view to applying these throughout the programme.

Biblical and Theological Foundations for Mission

Provides students with biblical and theological foundations for the study of critical issues in mission, equipping them to apply ideas from the disciplines of biblical studies and theology to the options available within the programme. The module encourages students to engage with a broad range of theological perspectives, highlighting those from the majority world, and to become aware of issues of context, power and voice within the field.

Following a consideration of the missional nature of the Bible, it also explores select biblical themes and key texts with a view to enhance students’ biblical understanding of missiology. This enables them to make strong connections between their particular area of interest and its biblical rationale, and also to apply to their own relevant missional context.

Elective Modules

To complete the certificate students will then study either the module on Anthropological Foundations for Mission or one of the specialist elective modules.

Anthropological Foundations for Mission

Provides a theoretical foundation from the perspective of social and cultural anthropology, as well as other related disciplines, preparing you to understand and engage with issues which may arise in cross-cultural situations. The theories and issues covered are a necessary foundation to developing cross-cultural awareness and sensitivity to the complexities of living and working vocationally in, or with members of, other cultures. The module will also encourage reflection on experience, and may challenge previously held understandings of culture and mission practice.

Specialist elective modules can be selected from the following range of awards:

In addition, the following four modules are available to complete the PG Certificate:

Contextual Engagement with Islam

Explores the diversity of contextual issues related to Christian engagement with Islam from the early years of Islam until the present. It observes theological and missional concerns by highlighting Christian responses to Islam from John of Damascus and Metropolitan Timothy of the Early Middle Ages to current interaction. It also reflects on perspectives of Islamic reformers towards the West and the Christian faith primarily during the periods of colonialism and decolonisation. Attention is also given to various expressions of Islam; the status of women in Islam; contextualisation in the intercultural world; and geo-political issues, and contemporary trends related to current global engagement.

Mission in Europe: Context & Practice

Once characterised as “the Christian continent”, Europe today is on the frontier of World Christianity rather than its centre. Given its diversity of contexts, it is perhaps the most challenging arena for Christian mission in the world today. This module explores both the crucial issues for mission in Britain and Europe today and the practice of contemporary mission that is suitable for that context. You will be equipped not only with a broad knowledge of the key issues but also with the skills to undertake ongoing missiological reflection in your own specific local context.

Creation Care & Christian Mission

Explores and examines the reality, theology and praxis of the missional mandate to care for creation. You will have the opportunity to examine the biblical mandate for creation care, explore the key environmental issues facing humanity and the impact of these locally, regionally and globally, engage in in-depth biblical and theological reflection on these specific issues, and develop effective, contextually appropriate missional responses to them. This module is appropriate for Christian leaders and mission workers wanting to develop a robust biblical mandate for creation care, deepen their understanding of the reality of the current environmental crisis, and develop practical skills and understanding to respond to this.

Vulnerable Children: Biblical and Theological Perspectives

Vulnerable children or ‘children at risk’ live across the world and face numerous factors that can prevent them from thriving as whole people created in God’s image. This module aims to upskill Christians involved in working with vulnerable children and young people by developing them as informed reflective practitioners able to draw on a rich resource of applied biblical, theological, and missiological thinking. You will explore a variety of biblical texts and reflect carefully, creatively and contextually on how these might shape your work with and on behalf of vulnerable children and young people. You will also consider the importance of the voice of the child in developing theology, and the need to draw on theological perspectives from around the world.

Students successfully completing the Certificate in Missiology can progress to the Diploma and / or MA in Missiology, or to one of the specialist awards.

Who is this course for?

The Certificate in Missiology is for you if you have experience in cross-cultural mission and ministry and want to deepen your understanding but are not able to commit to the full Postgraduate diploma or MA programme.

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