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Intercultural Leadership (MA / PG Dip)

This award equips you to be an authentic and effective leader for complex multi-cultural missional and ministry contexts.

The All Nations MA in Intercultural Leadership explores the nature, opportunities and challenges of leadership, specifically within cross-cultural and multi-cultural missional contexts and equips students to be authentic and effective leaders for these contexts.

Core Modules

These will equip you to study at Masters level through developing advanced study and research skills, establishing a robust theological and biblical basis for missional engagement and giving you a thorough grounding in the field of social and cultural anthropology.

Holistic Learning Foundations

Students are enabled to develop the study, research and reflective skills required to engage in the theological, missiological and research components of the programme. The module encourages the student to think in a holistic, integrated way about their studies and experience across disciplines, and to develop their skills as reflective practitioners and researchers, with a view to applying these throughout the programme.

Biblical and Theological Foundations for Mission

Provides students with biblical and theological foundations for the study of critical issues in mission, equipping them to apply ideas from the disciplines of biblical studies and theology to the options available within the programme. The module encourages students to engage with a broad range of theological perspectives, highlighting those from the majority world, and to become aware of issues of context, power and voice within the field.

Following a consideration of the missional nature of the Bible, it also explores select biblical themes and key texts with a view to enhance students’ biblical understanding of missiology. This enables them to make strong connections between their particular area of interest and its biblical rationale, and also to apply to their own relevant missional context.

Anthropological Foundations for Mission

Provides a theoretical foundation from the perspective of social and cultural anthropology, as well as other related disciplines, preparing you to understand and engage with issues which may arise in cross-cultural situations. The theories and issues covered are a necessary foundation to developing cross-cultural awareness and sensitivity to the complexities of living and working vocationally in, or with members of, other cultures. The module will also encourage reflection on experience, and may challenge previously held understandings of culture and mission practice.

Speclialist Modules

The core modules are built on through two specialist modules:

Leading across cultures

Will equip you with the knowledge, skills and understanding to lead effectively in complex multicultural and cross-cultural missional contexts. Biblical foundations of Christian leadership are explored, and the challenges and opportunities of leading cross-culturally in complex contexts are examined.

The module draws on both secular and Christian understandings and theories of leadership with a focus on the relevance and importance of post-heroic, collaborative approaches to leadership in increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous global missional contexts. You have the opportunity to both deepen your theoretical understanding of leadership, and grow personally in your own leadership roles.

Mission strategy

Will equip you with the skills, tools and knowledge to both develop and critique mission strategies for a range of global contexts. You will be introduced to secular strategic theory, examine historical mission strategies, engage with key current issues relevant to mission strategy and learn from case studies from experienced mission leaders and organisations working in a variety of contexts. You will then strengthen these skills through critiquing a current organisational mission strategy in a given context, and developing a mission strategy for a context of your choice in your assignments.

Students have the opportunity to audit a third specialist module from the range of MA modules on offer.

PG Diploma students also complete either the Independent Study Module or Research in Mission: Strategies.

Master’s students then complete a dissertation allowing them to undertake in-depth research on a specific topic related to Intercultural Leadership through the writing of their dissertation (15,000 words). This provides you with the opportunity to engage deeply with a subject you are deeply committed to and facilitates the development of skills in research and fieldwork, supported by taught classes and regular interaction with an experienced supervisor.

Who is this course for?

Suitable if you have experience of, or are moving into leadership roles in cross-cultural mission and ministry. The All Nations Christian College MA in Intercultural Leadership guarantees a rich, stimulating and transformative learning experience together with students from across the globe which will grow and develop you as a leader.

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