Biblical and Intercultural Studies

Most students who come to All Nations are in our Undergraduate Programme. If you are heading for cross-cultural mission service and have one, two or three years available for training then the Undergraduate Programme is for you.

All Nations does not have degree-awarding powers, which is why we work in partnership with the Open University who have accredited us to offer OU-validated Certificate, Diploma and Degree programmes of study as well as offering our own non-validated ANCC Certificate and ANCC Diploma programmes. Each year is designed so that one year of study can lead into the next, offering students a unique learning experience, guiding and equipping them as they progress through the course.

OU Undergraduate Options:

We offer the 1-year Certificate and 2-year Diploma of Higher Education or the 2- or 3-year BA (Hons) Degree Programme in 'Biblical and Intercultural Studies'. All of these OU-validated undergraduate programmes are full-time courses which run from September to June/July.

ANCC Undergraduate Options:

We offer the 1-year ANCC Certificate and 2-year ANCC Diploma in Biblical and Intercultural Studies. The ANCC Certificate starts in either September or January. The second year of study can commence in any term. This offers the flexibility of being able to take extended time out between each term. 


What are the differences between these two options?

Student Loans and Tier 4 Visas are only available with the OU-validated programmes.

Flexibility – the ANCC programmes offer flexible programme start times and the possibility of extended time out from study. The OU-validated programmes start in September only, although study breaks are possible as long as the programme is completed within 5 years of OU registration.

Costs – the ANCC programmes are slightly cheaper since no OU registration fees are required.

Transferable credits – the OU-validated programmes are internationally recognised qualifications, which means the credits you receive can be put towards a future programme of study elsewhere, i.e. they are transferable. This is not possible with the All Nations programmes, although you will earn an award that will carry the credibility of having been earned at a highly respected mission training college.


  • Certificate

    The validated and non-validated Certificate is aimed at those who have little or no experience in cross-cultural mission but who are hoping to serve effectively wherever they live and work. It is designed to teach foundational missionary knowledge, methodology and practical skills whilst at the same time it helps to develop your interpersonal, spiritual and academic skills throughout the year. This course will therefore enable you to prepare for an effective cross-cultural mission experience.

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