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L4 Modules

Christian Mission and Ministry Degree Modules for BA in Biblical and Intercultural Studies.

Level 4 Modules

These Level 4 modules provide foundational training for ministry and international Christian mission. The nine modules are compulsory in the first year of our degree and diploma courses, they also make up the entire content of our certificate. Students, who meet the admission criteria and are eligible to join level 5 directly, skip the first year (level 4).

15 credits/7.5 ECTS

This module introduces you to the biblical foundations of Christian theology, helping you to explore it and look at how you can apply it to contemporary life in different contexts.

You will take part in a variety of workshops to give you a new appreciation of biblical history and worship practices. Your studies will familiarise you with theological reflection and Biblical foundations.

The module explores the doctrine of God, the Holy Trinity, Christology, the doctrine of humanity and sin, soteriology, pneumatology, ecclesiology and eschatology.

15 credits/7.5 ECTS

The modern world is a global village: after you have graduated, wherever you go, you will meet people from a multitude of cultures and faiths. This module integrates cultural orientation with world religions to increase your sensitivity and effectiveness in your future workplaces.

Being familiar with the teachings, traditions and rituals of various religions helps you develop cultural sensitivity. This will be particularly important to help you to run successful projects in your future workplace(s) – you may need cross-cultural skills more than technical abilities.

You will learn to recognise symptoms of culture shock so you can quickly adapt. This module will help to increase your empathy and respect for others, help you better understand others’ needs, and teach you the importance of studying a culture before working in it. You will choose one religion and research it, along with its traditions, at a deeper level.

15 credits/7.5 ECTS

This exciting module introduces you to topics that will be integral when you follow your calling in ministry or mission:

  • church planting

  • compassion

  • creation care

  • discipleship

  • evangelism

  • justice.

It gives you a strong holistic foundation in biblical theology so you can enter your mission or ministry with a practical knowledge of its application. It’s a substantial module, during which you will be able to delve deeper into your main area of interest in a research project.

20 credits/10 ECTS

This module deepens your understanding of the Old Testament in the context of biblical mission. It includes the story of God’s mission from creation onwards, paying particular attention to important events within it, including the patriarchs, exodus and conquest, the rise and fall of the kingdom, and exile and restoration.

It introduces you to the principal types of Old Testament literature and their main characteristics, including law, history, poetry and prophecy. You will see examples of analysis and interpretation to help you apply and communicate Old Testament content in your future working environments.

10 credits/5 ECTS

In this module you will develop a confident understanding of the New Testament and its relation to biblical mission and ministry. This module takes you from Jesus’s birth to the end of the first century AD.

It introduces you to the primary types of New Testament literature and their characteristics, including history, letters and prophecies. Each book is introduced in its historical and literary context, and you will learn how to interpret passages and consider their significance in the modern world.

10 credits/5 ECTS

Our biblical undergraduate study programme facilitates spiritual formation, spiritual maturity and personal development. It teaches you a wide range of practical skills to manage your personal and spiritual development more effectively, and it improves your ability to self-assess, set and pursue goals that promote personal and spiritual development.

Session topics include living in a cross-cultural environment, contemporary issues in mission, a security simulation, and learning dedicated study skills.

This module introduces you to personal development planning in the context of your studies and encourages you to actively plan your academic, personal and ministry development.

10 credits/5 ECTS

This module enhances your understanding and practical skills in the areas of relationship building and teamwork. It has been proven to build your intercultural competence.

You will learn about interpersonal and intercultural aspects of communication and have the opportunity to put these into practice in a variety of forms. You will also have the chance to practise public speaking for various audiences.

10 credits/5 ECTS

This module focuses on your self-awareness, personal growth and increasing your practical skills. It is rich in cross-cultural content, and includes a security simulation to allow you to experience extreme circumstances in a safe environment.

Your confidence and knowledge will also grow through creating, performing and responding to a wide range of performance art.

Furthermore, this module helps you to establish and pursue your goals, based on your vision for your mission or ministry. You will learn how to be more reflective and wiser when working in the field.

10 credits/5 ECTS

This module gives you practical experience in a cross-cultural ministry setting – for example, a church or community-based project. It is an opportunity for you to apply what you are learning at college, experience working under supervision in a multicultural context, and develop new skills as part of a team.

This module helps you understand more about the framework of the ministry or church you work with, so you can assess its strengths and weaknesses. It will further enhance your communication skills and your ability to resolve misunderstandings while building on your understanding of roles and responsibilities.

In this module you will learn how to communicate in a multicultural context to clarify roles and responsibilities within ministry environments and to resolve misunderstandings.

Students will need to provide evidence of learning in the form of written reports about their work placement experiences.

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