All Nations Christian College - Transparency Data 2022

The Office for Students requires Higher Education institutions registered with them to publish information about their student body each year. This is known as ‘Transparency Data’

Since students come to All Nations Christian College to study Biblical and intercultural mission studies on programmes varying from a few days to undergraduate and postgraduate studies, we seek to attract students from all around the world to create a truly intercultural learning community. Therefore many of our diverse student body and our excellent results fall outside these data collection exercises because they concern less than 24 students in both collections. Please see our Access and Participation Statement which reflects the diversity of our community and puts this data into context.

Transparency Data 2020-2021

There are 2 sets of data:

  1. Table 1a Attainment 2020-21: This worksheet contains table 1a which relates to attainment at provider 10000216 (All Nations Christian College). This table presents the percentage of classified first degrees at grade 2:1 or above by characteristic for 2020-21 qualifiers. See table 1a here.
  2. Table 1b Attainment 2020-21: This worksheet contains table 1b which relates to attainment at provider 10000216 (All Nations Christian College). This table presents detailed information on attainment by characteristics for 2020-21 qualifiers. See table 1b here.


Key to Data Tables:


Not applicable as no applicants to this mode of study


24 or fewer students in this population


Data suppressed for data protection reasons


For full details, please see the 'Rounding and suppression' below.


Rounding and suppression

Where numeric, the data in the tables have been rounded and suppressed as follows:

  • Numerators and denominators have been rounded to the nearest 10. Where the numerator or denominator rounds to 20 or less, the data will be suppressed with an 'N'.
  • Percentages will be rounded according to the smallest, unsuppressed denominator with a given mode and characteristic. If the denominator rounds to:
  • 50 or less: percentages are rounded to 5%
  • 1000 or less: percentages are rounded to 1%
  • More than 1000: percentages are rounded to 0.1%
  • 'N/A' is displayed where there is no provision in a given mode or level.
  • 'DP' indicates suppression for data protection reasons. This is applied where the numerator is two or less, or differs from the denominator by no more than two students.

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