This guidance is very important as the College may not be able to fully enrol you if you do not present us with your documentation at the start of your programme.

Campus Students

If you are a residential student you must make sure to bring the following documentation with you at the start of your programme of study:

  1. The completed enrolment form, which was sent to you with the pre-commencement information.
  2. Evidence of identity and nationality (non-visa students) OR Evidence of personal ID and immigration permission (visa students).
  3. Original certificate proving your academic qualifications*
  4. If relevant, financial notification from Student Finance or the Student Loans Company (not your payment schedule letter).

*If you are unable to produce an original certificate, you will have until the second Monday of the first term, to do so. In the meantime you will only be offered temporary enrolment (see bottom of page to understand the implications).

FDL/Online Students

If you are studying remotely you must provide the College with an ORIGINAL document indicating proof of your prior academic qualification before the start of your programme. You will also be required to complete an enrolment form.

Please see below for further information about the documentation required:

Evidence of personal ID and immigration permission (Non-EU/EEA nationals)

If you are require a visa to study in the UK, you will need to provide evidence of your identity and that your immigration status allows you to undertake your studies at All Nations. You must show original copies of all of the following:

  • a valid passport with a valid immigration sticker, stamp or certificate in your passport; or a valid biometric identity document confirming your status (such as a Biometric Residence Permit, Residence Card or an Asylum Registration Card 
  • evidence of the date that you arrived in the UK e.g. flight ticket/boarding pass, Immigration Officer’s stamp in your passport.

Original evidence of your academic qualifications

If you have not already provided us with either a verifiable, colour copy of the required original qualification certificates, you may be required to bring the originals along to your enrolment session. Whether you need to bring original documents and what documents we need to see at enrolment will be communicated to you through the pre-enrolment process.

If your qualifications are not in English, we may require a certified translation by a professional translator/translation company. Please check with the admissions department. If a translation is required, the translation must include:

  • details of the translator/translation company's credentials; and
  • confirmation that it is an accurate translation of the original document; and
  • the translator/translation company's contact details

It must also be dated and include the original signature of the translator or an authorized official of the translation company.

If you have not yet been issued your certificates at the time of enrolment, please bring a notification slip or pass list.

It is essential that you provide original documentation where possible; if unavailable, we can accept photocopies that have been stamped and signed by the awarding institution or body.

If you have any questions regarding your qualifications, please contact the Admissions Office on +44 (0)1920 443500 for UG students or by email to the programme administrator who has been dealing with your application.

You will not be enrolled, temporarily or otherwise, if you cannot provide satisfactory documentary evidence establishing your identity, nationality and, where applicable, immigration status.

Temporary-Enrolled Students

If you are given temporary enrolment status please be aware that:

Temporary-enrolled students CAN:

  • attend lectures/ tutorials/supervisor meetings
  • access buildings
  • enter the library

Temporary-enrolled students CANNOT:

  • receive student finance/studentship related payments
  • have approval for oyster card application
  • borrow books
  • receive official letters

If you have not fully enrolled by the temporary enrolment deadline of of the second Monday of the first term, then your registration with All Nations will be terminated and we will inform the appropriate bodies of this, including the UKVI, and Student Finance. 

At the start of every subsequent year or academic session you will also need to re-enrol. This will be through completion of the Enrolment Form which will either be sent to you or available at the returners’ enrolment session.


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