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Due to the large variety of accommodation we have onsite, we are sorry to say we cannot show individual properties. More details on the accommodation will be given once you have been accepted a place and allocated a property. 

See family accommodation

Please note accommodation is allocated depending on demand which varies each year and can be over subscribed.

Short Course and Undergraduate Students:
The College has a large number of Full Board rooms available for singles and couples. These are basic study bedrooms containing a wash basin; bathroom and kitchen are shared between six room units. Applicants will be informed whether they have been allocated onsite accommodation in their place offer letter

Postgraduate Students:
Will require accommodation from 1st September to 31st July. Make sure to apply early as accommodation is limited and allocated on a first come first served basis.

Accommodation Prices

Self-catered accommodation for academic year 2021/22 ranges between £715pcm and £875pcm. The amount takes into consideration the size of the premises, the number of rooms, and whether certain utilities are included within the property price.

All students who are coming on site for their studies will need to pay the Amenities fee if they are not paying full board accommodation. The fee includes access to all student areas of the site including the library, and includes weekday lunches and drinks during the 10-week Undergraduate term times.

For more information on Full Board, please click here

Application Deadlines

Courses starting in Term 1: 1st May
Courses starting in Term 2, 31st October
Courses starting in Term 3: 15th March

Anyone applying after the allocation date will be dealt with on a first come first served basis.

These deadlines also apply to students wishing to apply to extend their studies for a further period. Please note that, under such circumstances, the College cannot guarantee to continue to house students in their previous accommodation or even at all if none is available.

On-site Accommodation Off-site Accommodation
  • We have a variety of On-site student accommodation available. 
  • Some include kitchens, both shared and un-shared,
    although many are room only. 
  • Students are free to rent properties on the open market
    and are not obliged to rent from College.
  • Open market renting is usually more expensive, and between
    6-12 month contract.
  • Some local properties are let by former students.
  • College will put you in touch with the owners of these 
    properties to discuss your requirements and if suitable make
    an agreement

Housing Priority

Given the high demand for onsite accommodation, the College prioritises housing applications by taking various factors into consideration.


What is included in our on-site and off-site Accommodation?

What is included in our on-site Accommodation? What is not included in our on-site Accommodation? What is included in our off-site Accommodation? What is not included in our on-site Accommodation?
  • Cutlery, crockery, beds, white goods, 
    basic furniture
  • Utilities- electric, gas, water
  • Council Tax
  • BeddingTowels (En-Route only)
  • Pillows, duvets
  • Some have a choice of Self
    Catering or Boarding
  • Parking for cars & trailers
  • Some additional furniture if needed
  • Use of outdoor college bikes
  • Some include a filter coffee
  • TV Licence
  • Towels (BA 
    and MA 
  • Toiletries
  • Cutlery, crockery, beds
  • white goods, basic furniture
  • Bedding
  • Use of outdoor College bikes
  • Pillows and duvets
  • Most have a choice of Self
    Catering or Boarding
  • Water
  • Parking for cars & trailers
  • Some additional furniture
     if needed
  • TV Licence
  • Council Tax
  • Utilities- electric 
    Gas (in some 
  • Towels
  • Toiletries

If you have any queries on the finer details of accommodation at All Nations, please contact housekeeping on:

Holiday Accommodation

We always encourage our students to look upon All Nations as their home. However the reality is that for current students this is only their physical home during term time. During College holiday periods we become a temporary home to many conference visitors. This is why we are only able to offer term-time accommodation unless:

i.You are in self-catering accommodation;
ii.You have been permitted, due to very exceptional circumstances, to live on site longer;

However, please note: Christmas and Easter Closure: The College is completely closed at Christmas (from the evening of the last working day until offices open again after the New Year) and Easter (Maundy Thursday evening until the following Tuesday). 

Tenancy agreements

Tenancy agreements will be issued as soon as the student(s) move into their final property allocation and will be for 11 months unless the tenants are on a short course (including En Route). Housing is reallocated at the end of their agreement should they be staying on for a further period of study.

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