All Nations Theology Lecturer attends mission conference in Hungary

From 15th to 19th October 2012, All Nations Tutor and Theology Lecturer, Paul Davies was at a conference, at the invitation of a former colleague and student, David Ruiz, in Budapest, Hungary. Davies was invited, along with several other European based mission thinkers, in order to help a North American based mission organisation think through how they will approach their work in Europe in the future. The main speakers were C. Rene Padilla, from Argentina and K. Rajendran from India. Padilla gave the morning sessions on "Globalisation", "Kingdom partnerships" and "integral mission". After a Q&A session with Padilla, there was a further forum responding to the talks. This is where Davies was given the opportunity to ask questions to prompt discussion.

This was rather a controversial conference with the leadership of the mission organisation not responding positively to, especially, Padilla's presentations and Davies' questions but the American missionaries were very open to discuss and think through some of the big issues raised. Davies was very impressed by much of the work that is being done by these missionaries. They were working with some of the most vulnerable groups in Europe and preaching the Gospel in a most appropriate and compassionate way. 

Talking about the conference Davies said, "I discovered that, whatever the theology of the missionaries, they were deeply involved with the everyday lives of people. All in all I felt that my questions were useful to provoke 
discussion and that I learned from the informal chats with these missionaries that integral mission was being done even without theological backing".

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