16th August 2016

Explore even further with our on-line mission training programme!

Explore Course


Explore is a dynamic 13-week foundational online mission training course that has been taken by over 150 students in 30 different countries!

In response to feedback from mission practitioners,  agencies, and the All Nations training team, explore has been significantly revised to include the latest thinking in mission practice, new topics and resources. 

Now available on all major mobile devices, the course is even more accessible to a wider range of people - all for the reduced price of £619! We can offer a further reduction of 10% if mission agencies send more than one student or if individuals ‘recruit a friend’ to take the course at the same time,  and couples can receive an overall 20% reduction.

New feature!

We are also launching ‘Spot-Lites’, these are additional 1-week specialist topics that can be taken at the end of the explore course. Topics currently available are: 'Language Learning' and 'Living as a Family Cross-Culturally' and can be taken for £49 per topic, with a 10% reduction if participants sign up during the application stage.

The explore course is a proven way of helping to equip men and women for mission in God’s multicultural world. As a leading mission agency commented;

Explore is excellent! It fills the gaps in knowledge, even for mature Christians with little experience of cross-cultural mission issues. As well as learning, students appreciate the on-line community and mentoring aspects. Studying at home is a bonus as our applicants juggle with family life and a full-time job.”

And as one former student said;

“The single biggest thing which directed me spiritually which then helped most practically was the explore course.”


Find out more on the explore course page.

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