On Wednesday 13 June All Nations was delighted to welcome Lord David Alton of Liverpool as the week's guest speaker on contemporary issues in mission.


David Alton began his career as a teacher. In 1972, while still a student, he was elected to Liverpool City Council as Britain’s youngest city councillor. In 1979 he became the youngest member of the House of Commons. In 1997, when he stood down from the Commons, he was appointed a life peer. The motto on his coat of arms is taken from the book of Deuteronomy: 'Choose life'.

Many visitors from local churches joined the students and staff of the college to hear Lord Alton give an excellent presentation on 'The Struggle for Religious Freedom'. Article 18 of the 1948 United Nations charter is designed to safeguard religious freedom, though a number of nations abstained from signing up - notably the Soviet Union and Saudi Arabia. It is estimated that around 74% of people live in countries which violate religious freedom, and approximately 250 million Christians around the world are subject to persecution for their faith.

After the presentation there was a time for questions and answers, with topics including: the persecution of Christians in Pakistan; the need for reconciliation between people on opposing sides of the Brexit issue in Britain; and the concept of human rights.

After his visit to All Nations Lord Alton had to rush back to central London for an urgent debate in the House of Lords! We are delighted to host so many great guest speakers in our weekly Contemporary Issues in Mission Plenary.

For more information on Lord Alton's speeches, articles and books on various subjects, please see his web site at:


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