All Nations Arts Lecturer invited on the Arts Plus Europe Round Table Gathering

Jill Ford, Lecturer in the Arts at All Nations had the pleasure of being invited on the Arts Plus Europe Round Table Gathering, which took place in Belgium between 12th-14th October 2012. The Arts Plus Europe Round Table comprises a group of visionary arts advocates and leaders who collaborate in order to catalyze forward progress in the arts landscape across Europe. Formed as an outcome of the 2009 European Arts Summit in Austria, which Jill Ford attended, the European Round Table focuses on the spheres of the Church, Mission, Education, and the Marketplace. It is informed by a Christian/Biblical worldview, and carried out for the glory of God. Church arts education, spiritual mentoring of artists, and cultural restoration are core mission values. 

National Arts Round Tables:
Based on the pan-European model, National Arts Round Tables are encouraged in recognition of the importance of arts leaders coming together for mutual awareness, encouragement, prayer, and potential collaboration. This relational group of arts visionary leaders is intentionally trans-denominational and open for trans-cultural connections. Embracing common core values, National Arts Round Tables are unified in their desire to see God glorified in the Church life, educational endeavors, the public square, and mission initiatives, in their own national context. Jill Ford will be initiating the National Arts Round Table for the United Kingdom.

Arts plus Education Network: Vision and Mission:
Another important aspect of the Round Table gathering which took place, was to establish and launch the Arts Plus Education Network. The goal was to identify, networks, include, and further empower existing Christian-based mentoring and arts training opportunities currently being offered across the European continent. The educational and training network will provide an inspiring and encouraging environment for emerging and career artists; cast a vision for the significant role of the arts whether in mission, the church, the academy, or in the broader culture; foster artistic expression informed by a Biblical worldview, and operate from common core values and standards. 

These values and standards are reflected as follows:
1) Godly character with an emphasis on moral lifestyle, servant attitude, humility, and integrity
2) Commitment to excellence in the arts
3) Motivated by a passion to honor and ultimately glorify God
4) Living and expressing a vision of reality informed by a biblical worldview
5) Focusing on engagement in the broader culture 
6) Encouraging awareness and compassionate involvement in Euro-society
7) Networking/Collaborating that empowers the vision of the European Arts Institute, while at the same time preserving the identity and control of each unique participating program 

Jill Ford along with Timo Schuster and the team will be helping to coordinate these networks so that arts training opportunities can be accessed more easily.

The next meeting of the Arts + Europe Round Table will take place at All Nations between 6th-9th September 2013.

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