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The Contributions of British Female Missionaries and Japanese Bible Women to the Ministry of the Japan Evangelistic Band in the Early 20th Century
Esther Maxton

Transformation: An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies January 2018 35: 44-58
Early 20th century evangelical mission organisations that emerged from the British Holiness Movement prioritised evangelism over social reform. Female missionaries, however, were often engaged in bringing social transformation. Even though women were the major workforce in overseas mission, leadership was always in male hands. This article discusses how even though women in the Japan Evangelistic Band were not in leadership positions, their initiative in social engagement enabled the Mission to participate in spiritual as well as social transformation, and raise a generation of Japanese female leadership.




In Search of a Theology of Reconciliation in the Korean Peninsula
Sebastian C. H. Kim
International Bulletin of Mission Research April 2018 42:2 125-132
Peace and reconciliation are vital theological concepts: God reconciles himself with us through Christ, and likewise, we are called to become reconciled with one another. But how can this theological understanding be applied to peace and reconciliation between the two Koreas? I discuss here some of the theological efforts that have emerged, drawn from (1) Korean experiences of captivity to ideological differences, (2) distrust and despair, and (3) differing identities between North and South. If Christian theology is to address these issues, we must explore further the meaning of the key concepts Jubilee, han, and shared identity.




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