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African Pentecostal Churches and Racialized Xenophobia: International Migrants as Agents of Transformational Development?
Elina Hankela, Ignatius Swart and Clementine Nishimwe

Transformation: An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies July 2022 39:3 133-149
Scholarship on Pentecostal potential and practice forms a significant part of the debate on religion and development, not least when the focus is on sub-Saharan Africa. Yet in this debate African Pentecostal migrant communities have scarcely been represented. The article focuses on two such communities in South Africa, arguing that they may be regarded as developmental agents in the context of racialized xenophobia, even if they do not portray themselves as such. The argument is based on ethnographic fieldwork and shaped through employing the concept of transformational development that centers on restoring relationships. The article concludes that the two communities – living in a context affected by racialized xenophobia – contribute meaningfully towards restoring relationships between people and God, one's relationship with oneself, relationships within the church community as well as relationships between the church community and the neighborhood.


Experiencing Recent Missionary Evacuations: Traumatic Stress and Loss as Social Networks Break Down
Susan Gary Walters

Missiology: An International Review July 2022 50:3 251-272
Although missionary evacuations have occurred since the beginning of missions, little research has explored modern missionary evacuations. In this qualitative study, the author analyzes the experiences of four missionaries who made unplanned departures from their Asian host country in 2018. Although each study participant had different demographic characteristics and their story was unique, common elements of the evacuation experience were shared: growing uneasiness, mounting stress, the decision to evacuate, a sudden exit, and waves of transition. The most traumatic aspect throughout the experience was the severe disruption of their relationships. Factors contributing to the breakdown of social networks included surveillance and scrutiny, searches and interrogations, contact tracing, the compromising of digital communication channels, and the final exit. The traumatic effects of the breakdown of social networks highlight the critical importance of relationships in the life and work of missionaries, particularly during crises. Understanding how evacuations are experienced enables the wider Church—which is preparing, sending out, and receiving missionaries back—to better care for its missionaries and contribute to their restoration and healing from trauma.


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