Here at All Nations we are interested in finding valuable information about mission. Journals and articles are a great source for keeping up to date. Below you can find some of the latest articles on mission that you should know about. Some of these articles can be found in the All Nations library and others are available on the web.


Christian Responses to Islamism and Violence in the Name of Islam
Colin Chapman

Transformation: An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies April 2017 34:2 115-130
The capture of Mosul in Iraq by ISIS (the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) in June 2014 focused the world’s attention on Islamism, or political Islam. In addition to all the political issues faced by the rest of the world, Christians are faced with some special challenges and have not always responded with a single voice. If we are to think in a distinctively Christian way about Islamism and violence carried out in the name of Islam, what are the key questions that we need to be asking?




Faithful Doxology: The Church's Allyship with Immigrants Seeking Asylum
Helen Boursier

International Bulletin of Mission Research April 2017 41:2 170-177
Given the mass human movement from Central America to the United States, the church needs to rethink its mission strategy for its humanitarian involvement with these immigrants seeking asylum. Looking through the hermeneutical lens of practical theology and its attention to contextualized praxis, the article situates the argument in conversation with qualitative research that emerged from a pastoral care ministry inside an immigrant family detention facility. The voices of these Central American women and children seeking asylum serve to contextualize, localize, humanize, and testify to the unjust reality of mass migration. The proposal endorses a missional hermeneutic that prioritizes allyship with asylum seekers as the church’s witness to the justness of God.




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