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Journals and articles are a great source for keeping up to date. Below you can find some of the latest articles on mission that you should know about. Some of these articles can be found in the All Nations library and others are available on the web.

Christian Migrants and Their Living Faith in Mission: An Indonesian Perspective
Raymundus I Made Sudhiarsa

Transformation: An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies February 6, 2023
The main problem highlighted in this essay is the challenges being faced by Christian migrants in Indonesia. They are expected to succeed in overcoming the cross-cultural problems within their Christian communities, and externally to take part in building a fellowship beyond their own groups. Indonesia's multireligious and multicultural landscape has suffered in the past few decades from the politics of identity. The Christian migrants have also been affected by this. Whilst they need support in formulating afresh their Christian identity, they also require a broader intercultural mindset. Through observations, focus group discussions and literature reviews, the paper tries to formulate the role Christian migrants can explore in their cross-cultural contexts. The basic position it takes is that the Catholic migrants (a case in this paper) are also agents of mission and that migration is to some extent a process of building bridges among diverse peoples in society. The paper argues that there is a need for the migrants to be equipped with intercultural competencies and interreligious spirituality.


Missional pilgrimage: A new framework for short-term mission
Rachel D. Spencer and Hannah Green
Missiology: An International Review July February 6, 2023
Pilgrimage and short-term mission have both seen a rise in popularity in recent years. Despite its popularity, the goals and expectations associated with short-term mission are often in conflict with the lived experiences of participants who both go on, and receive those doing short-term mission. The liminality and communitas described by participants in short-term mission reflect similar processes found in the practice of pilgrimage. In this article we show the multiple similarities between pilgrimage and short-term mission and suggest a new framework of “missional pilgrimage” as a way of bringing together these lived experiences with the aims of short-term mission. In doing this we do not reduce those who receive short-term mission participants to the “holy center” but rather consider them as fellow pilgrims who journey alongside those being sent in participating in the missio Dei, the mission of God in a wider sense.

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