Credit / Debit Card Payments

All Nations Christian College has provided this service to enable you to make payments quickly and easily. This facility can be used to make a variety of payments including:

•    Tuition Fees and Accommodation
•    Postgraduate or Undergraduate Tuition Fee Deposits
•    Short Course Fees
•    Conference Fees

The Service is provided by Barclaycard on a secure system so All Nations Christian College will not receive any of your card details. All Nations Christian College will accept payments from MasterCard, Maestro and Visa (including Visa Debit and Electron).

Paying with an International Card?

If you are paying using an overseas card you will likely be provided with two options once you have submitted your card details;
i) to elect to pay using the exchange rate of our merchant service provider, or
ii)  to elect to use an exchange rate determined by your card issuer.

Benefits to agreeing to the rate offered;
 • Best exchange rate guarantee
 • Instant visibility of the amount you will pay in your home currency
 • No hidden charges
 • Acceptance is totally at your discretion
Before proceeding with your payment we recommend that you;
1.    Confirm with your bank that your daily limit on your debit / credit card is sufficient to make the online payment
2.    Check that there are sufficient funds in your account
3.    Advise your card issuer, at least 24 hours in advance, of how much you will be paying. This helps to reduce the risk of the payment being rejected for card security reasons.

Make a Payment

Please avoid inserting numbers in reference box below

Please do not use commas when entering the amount below - i.e 1000 not 1,000.

Please include pence in your amount to be paid eg. 150.00 Do not include £ or any other symbol

Billing Information

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