Intercultural Coach Module Overview


1. Intercultural Communication

Perception exercise
Verbal and nonverbal communication
Defining culture
Levels of uniqueness – Hofstede
Language and proverbs
Worldview and communication
Rapport building
Appreciating one’s perception of the world
Stimulating interventions
The principle of self-discovery
Cultural dimensions
Role and imprinting of the conscience

2. Coaching Foundations

Self-understanding and role development
Understanding the process
From problem identification to goal setting
Clarification of the task
The four foundational directions of attention
Adapted biography work
Working with the social nucleus model
Coaching settings
Methodical overview


3. Systemic Coaching

Reality construction in intercultural coaching
Systemic question techniques
Working with the empty chair
The value square
Basic assumptions of systemic thinking
Attitudes and tools of the trade
Coaching in the process of intercultural competence
Developing hypotheses
Circular and solution-oriented questioning
Systemic use of figures
Value awareness in intercultural systemic coaching


4. Coaching Methods & Intervention Techniques

Communication exercises
Cognitive and affective interventions
Goal achievement strategies
Intercultural awareness in coaching processes
Identifying and recognising communication patterns
Interactive problem-solving approaches in coaching
Working with inner convictions
Cognitive restructuring
Phase model of crisis and grieving
Managing your resources
The Disney model
Developing a holistic resource-oriented model for an intercultural setting


5. Intercultural Teams

Personality differences and culture
Conflict management in an international setting and intervention techniques
International leadership competence
Different work preferences
The Team Management Profile (TMP)
What you should know about yourself (self-revelation)
Connecting task and people
The inner team in an intercultural environment
Team phases and development
Code of conduct
Stress test / Burnout test


6. Case Studies & Coaching Profile

Intervision (peer consulting) and supervision
Practical exercises and intercultural intervision methods
Systemic interventions and ego states
Intercultural coaching cases
Simulation: coaching in intercultural situations
Simulation: intercultural team conflict
Individual case work
Your coaching profile (developing and introducing)
Framing the coaching-closing-session
Evaluation of the coaching-process
Documentation of the coaching-process

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