What Students Say

  • "The methods of learning and sharing songs in different languages were very helpful. The day was jam packed with so many ideas! Thank you."
  • "It was a really helpful day to learn how we can come together in worship from different ethnic backgrounds."
  • "I really enjoyed learning all the different songs from around the world. I gained confidence in how I could introduce them in to my home church."
  • "It was a refreshing and inspiring day, thank you for opening my heart to multicultural worship."

Multicultural Worship Day

Course Tutor

Ian Collinge

Ian Collinge trains people in culture-appropriate music. He helps people to develop multicultural worship and leads the WEC International's Arts Release team.

Multicultural Worship Day

2021 Date & Time: TBC

Who is the day for?

The Multicultural Worship Day is for anyone interested in learning more about the relationship between music, worship and culture.

We will take you on a journey to understand more about the importance of "heart music" and how you can identify with it.

We will help you understand the heart music of other cultures and how you can use this knowledge for the benefit of worship in your church or ministry setting.

What do the topics include?

  • heart music
  • multicultural forms of worship
  • global song workshops
  • musical ensembles
  • multicultural worship discussions
  • global worship celebrations

Closing Date: 

Key Information

  • Cost
  • Course Brochure
  • What is the cost of the day?

    The 2020 cost of the day, including refreshments and lunch was £58 per person,

    2021 Cost: TBC.

    All costs made payable on submission of the application.

  • Click here to download the 2020 Muticultural Worship Day flyer.

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