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  • “The course was absolutely AMAZING! All speakers definitely knew what they were talking about. Lots of theory but spiced with practical examples, lots of stories from experience. Speakers were from different backgrounds and upbringings, serving in various Muslim contexts. Excellent!”

Equipping Christians to relate to Muslim friends, and to consider how  Islam and Christianity interact

Equipping Christians to relate to Muslim friends, and to consider how  Islam and Christianity interact

Course Tutor

Dr L. Mak

Course Facilitator: All Nations' Islamics lecturer, Dr L. Mak. 15 tutors will share throughout the course. Course sponsors: OM, Frontiers, Interserve and WEC.

Engaging Islam Today

Engaging Islam Today

Sunday 3–Saturday 9 December 2023

Come and learn from 15 tutors with many years of first-hand experience of Christian–Muslim engagement.

This short course is for any Christian who wants to learn more about Islam, and how to relate better to Muslim friends and share the love of Christ with them.

Equipping Christians to work and serve in Muslim communities

If you are a Christian currently involved in, or preparing to work in, a Muslim community, you will find this course invaluable. Or if you would simply like to study Islam, you will also enjoy this course.

The tutors on the Engaging Islam Today course have diverse backgrounds, giving students a rich, unrivalled range of approaches to Islam from various perspectives within Christianity. This group of experts only gathers once a year at All Nations, making this a unique opportunity to learn from people with so many years of experience.

Places on the course and full-board accommodation at our conference facility  are allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. We suggest reserving a place early, because Engaging Islam Today is particularly popular. Click here to book.  

Helping Christians to study Islam and relate to Muslim friends intelligently, sensitively and practically

In recent years, it has become more important to study Islam, as it has attracted increasing international political and media attention. The internet and global migration have also facilitated more Muslim–Christian interactions, and dialogue between Islam and Christianity. Within this context, this course aims to equip Christians with:

  • a thorough knowledge of the roots, realities and perspectives of Islam
  • new insights from speakers with experience and academic understanding
  • a toolbox of sensitive, informed, bold and biblical responses that bless Muslims with the love of Christ
  • plenty of real-world examples of how to develop impactful Christian–Muslim friendships
  • an interactive learning experience that involves case studies, role plays and other practical activities.

This course attracts students of all ages, with varying interests, from different ministries, cultures and countries, and from many walks of life. Each one has unique experiences, questions and circumstances.

You’ll get to know your peers over classroom discussions and mealtimes and through having fun together. There will also be time for private study and to share personal experiences and insights.

This course is a great addition to the offerings in our En Route programme.  It is also ideal for those who are:

  • ministry practitioners
  • about to join a project team working in a Muslim community
  • moving to live in a Muslim environment
  • considering mission service.

There is a 10% discount for current students and a 5% discount for All Nations alumni.

Click here to book.

Topics covered in the Engaging Islam Today course include:

  • the historical impact of Islam
  • sacred texts: Qur’an and Hadith
  • Tawhid and Trinity
  • responding to major Muslim objections to the Christian faith
  • comparative theology, from Creation to end times
  • Jesus Christ in Islam
  • forgiveness and salvation in Islam and Christianity
  • Sufism
  • Islam and spiritual powers
  • roots and responses to violence and extremism
  • the diversity of Christian responses to Islam
  • practical evangelism
  • reaching Muslim communities
  • principles in strategic prayer
  • women’s movements in Islam
  • interpreting dreams and visions
  • issues in contextualisation
  • using the polemical approach
  • using media platforms.

Our speakers include:

  • Luc Greiner
  • Rob Scott
  • Chawkat Moucarry
  • Dave and Diane S
  • Colin Bearup
  • Richard McCallum
  • Mike Jones
  • Jessica H
  • Dennis A
  • Jill M
  • Georgina J

Click here to book.

Key Information

  • Accommodation
  • Fees
  • Board and accommodation on our stunning historic site is available at a greatly reduced rate. Bookings are taken on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. For up-to-date availability, please call 01920 443500 option 0 or email Islamics@allnations.ac.uk.

     The booking deadline is 27 November 2023.


  • £457 to attend the course with no accommodation (inc lunch and evening meal).
    £610 to attend the course and for 6 nights, full board.

    10% discount for current students
    5% discount for All Nations alumni

    The booking deadline is 27 November 2023.



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