What Students Say

  • I have loved the interactive style and group work in this course. Even using Zoom breakout rooms (by necessity) has worked well for putting principles we have been learning to immediate use, so as to learn by doing, so to speak. It has also been necessary to do a lot of inner work ourselves, in order to know from the inside what the coaching process is all about. It’s been about our own personal growth as much as about learning techniques, and that is another aspect of the course that I have deeply appreciated. (Christine Paterson FieldPartner International)

Intercultural Training Courses for Coaching and Leadership Development

Intercultural Training Course

Course Tutor

Jochen & Christine Schuppener

Jochen - Founder and CEO of Schuppener Global Transitions. Christine - Intercultural Coach and Psychological Consultant.

Intercultural Coaching

This online and offline blend of course modules will revolutionise intercultural communication and cross-cultural understanding in your workplace. These topics have never been more relevant than they are today.

The public course is for individuals. Private, tailored intercultural coaching courses can be arranged for organisations that want to train a group. The course is ideal for individuals who want to sharpen their prospects in this area, and for groups experiencing intercultural challenges, e.g. police, teachers, NHS staff, and refugee charities.

Why do we need cross-cultural and intercultural coaching?

The coaching tools developed in the West may not make sense to people from other cultures. This is why Jochen and Christine Schuppener, the founders of the Intercultural Coach course, have developed this accredited diploma in coach training.

Designed for the intercultural workplace

You don’t have to be academic to take this course; it involves hands-on learning-by-doing which is personalised to the work setting of each individual on the course. We believe that the impact of intercultural management competence and cross-cultural communication training is optimised by using students’ real-life work scenarios.

What does the Intercultural Coach course deliver?

This series of six short modules can be taken in its entirety or as a short, two-module foundational course. The full series provides:

  • Significantly improved intercultural communication
  • Skills to ensure smooth international or cross-cultural cooperation
  • Building blocks to develop cross-cultural rapport
  • Expertise needed to trigger stimulating interventions in intercultural settings
  • Insights to solve, or prevent, intercultural team conflict
  • A rich, long-lasting self-development experience
  • Extensive resources to enable you to grow and develop others
  • Sensitivity to foster resilience in those who have experienced loss
  • Fresh perspectives to navigate and thrive in an international environment.

Taster session

If you’re not sure how much of the course you need to take, you can just book the first two modules and decide later if you would like to complete the remaining four.

Can the Intercultural Coach help training and coaching businesses?

This course increases the professional intercultural competence of coaches. It’s a recognised qualification for those wishing to establish themselves as life or executive coaches. After completing the modules, you can earn your AC Coach Accreditation.

Furthermore, it introduces an additional USP to your business: although this course has  been highly successful for many years in Germany, it has only recently started to be delivered in English in the UK.

You will have the freedom to deliver systemic coaching in non-Western settings, using non-verbal, highly effective coaching methods for those communicating in a second language. This gives you a new business horizon to work from and enjoy.

The modules

If you’d like to attend the Intercultural Coach course, each short course module is offered once a year. Training can either be completed in one year or spread over two. Click here  to see the content of each module.

2023-2024 Course Dates

Date/Time Where



21 November 2023
Residentially at
All Nations

Peer Supervision/ Consultation Day*

Jochen Schuppener
22–24 November 2023
Residentially at
All Nations
6 Case Studies & Coaching Profile Jochen Schuppener
18–20 March 2024
Residentially at
All Nations
1 Intercultural Communication Jochen Schuppener
3-6 June 2024
Online by Zoom 2 Coaching Foundations Christine Schuppener
8–11 July 2024
Online by Zoom 3 Coaching Methods & Intervention Techniques Christine Schuppener
16–19 September 2024
Online by Zoom 4 Systemic Coaching Harry Hoffmann
4–7 November 2024
Online by Zoom 5

Intercultural Teams

Harry Hoffmann

11 March 2025
Residentially at
All Nations

Peer Supervision/ Consultation Day*

Jochen Schuppener
12–14 March 2025
Residentially at
All Nations

Case Studies & Coaching Profile

Jochen Schuppener


Participants will be required to complete a Team Management Profile questionnaire, and create a Team Management Profile.

Interested in taking the Intercultural Coach course, or a few modules?

If you are curious and want to know more, speak to us about the course, or visit the college, please email icc@allnations.ac.uk or call +44(0)1920 443500 and ask for Kit.

Submitting an application for the Intercultural Coach course

Click on this Apply Now link and select your modules and consultations.

After submitting your application, you will be asked to pay a £25 administration fee. Click here to make the payment using reference ICC (your name).

If you experience any problems, please call All Nations on +44(0)1920 443500 or email icc@allnations.ac.uk.

How much do intercultural coaching courses cost?

The cost will depend whether you take some or all of the modules. You can spread them over one or two years.





Individual modules


Up to 6

Over one or two years

Team Management Profile questionnaire



Module 5 only

Application admin fee



On application

Key Information

  • Accommodation
  • Tuition fees
  • Board and accommodation available

    Board and accommodation for Intercultural Coach course participants is available at a greatly reduced student rate. Bookings are taken on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, so we suggest you make a reservation at your earliest convenience. For up-to-date availability and prices, please call 01920 443538 or email conferences@allnations.ac.uk.

  • 2023-2024:
    Each module £540
    Team Management Profile Questionnaire for module 5 £100
    Peer supervision/consultation day £210.00

    Total cost of all 6 modules and 2 consultations £3,660.

    Early bird discount of 10% which brings the price down to £486 per module if you apply up to 4 months before the start of a module.
    Couples or 2 people from the same organisation: 10%
    Groups of 3 or more from the same organisation: 20%
    Accommodation and food not included - see separate info tab for these costs.

    An application fee of £25 is payable with the online application form. Click here to make this payment. Please use the reference 'ICC [your name]'
    The total cost of the modules chosen will become due for payment on notification of our acceptance of your application.

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