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Richard & Louisa Evans

All Nations Lecturers Richard and Louisa Evans administrate the Intercultural Coach Course. Find out more about Richard…

Intercultural Coach

Intensive modules: July │ November │ March
This course has been developed and successful delivered by Schuppener Global Transitions in Germany for several years, and this partnership with All Nations will enable this expertise and learning to be accessed, in English, in the UK, for the first time.

Do you work with people from other cultures and want to come alongside and support them? Do you carry a personnel responsibility and would like to deepen your competencies in personnel management against the backdrop of migration and integration?

If you have at least one year’s experience of working in an intercultural setting, then this Advanced Vocational Training on Intercultural Coaching will be of benefit to you.

Training Structure and Access

The training is split into six modules:

  1. Intercultural Communication: foundations of intercultural communication, cultural dimensions, conversation building, rapport and trust building, pacing and stimulating interventions in coaching.
  2. Coaching Foundations: basics of coaching, the three pillars of coaching, the coach as a person, their role and responsibility.
  3. Systemic Coaching in an intercultural setting, circular questioning, building hypotheses, reframing.
  4. Coaching Methods and Intervention Techniques: creative interventions, methods and interactive approaches in intercultural coaching.
  5. Intercultural Teams: test methods, ‘The Inner Team’ of the client, Tuckman’s phases of team development, conflict management and mediation.
  6. Case Studies and Coaching Profile: Intercultural case studies, developing your own coach profile, documentation of the coaching process, plenary evaluation session.
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Every module is offered once a year. It is, therefore, possible to finish the training within one year or to stretch it over a longer period of time.

Each module consists of compulsory on-site teaching. Modules 1 & 2, 3 & 4, and 5 & 6 are each taught together over 3 intensive weeks. Additional peer supervision/tutor consultation precedes intensive week 2 (Modules 3 & 4) and intensive week 3 (Modules 5 & 6).

Participants are free to start the training with either module 1 or 2. Modules 3, 4, and 5 can be taken in any order. Module 6 is the last module and builds upon the content of the first five modules. It has to be attended as the final module.

Course Certification

The Advanced Vocational Training Intercultural Coach Programme is currently certified by the Europäisches Netwerk für Beratung, Psychologie und Therapie (European Network of Consultation, Psychology and Therapy) and the German Qualitätsgemeinschaft Coach Ausbildung (Quality Association Coach Qualification).

After completion of the six modules and the handing in of all additional course work and exercises, the participant will receive his/her certificate which testifies their successful attendance and completion of the Advanced Vocational Training Intercultural Coach Programme.


The Advanced Vocational Training Intercultural Coach Programme was initially developed by Jochen Schuppener and Günther Höhfeld. Since its beginnings it has been developed further with the expertise of Christine Schuppener, Jürgen Homberger and Harry Hoffmann, and the help and input of many participants. The current facilitators are:

Jochen Schuppener
Intercultural Coach & Consultant, M.A.
Government Certified Expatriate Adviser (AuswSG)
Team Management Systems™ Consultant

Christine Schuppener
Psychological Consultant
Personal Coach / Logotherapeutic Coaching
ADHS Trainer

Harry Hoffmann
M.A. Sinology
Business Mediator
Social Entrepreneur

2020-21 Course Dates








Monday 6 - Friday 10
July 2020




Intercultural Communication

Coaching Foundations

Jochen Schuppener

Christine Schuppener

Monday 2 November 2020

Peer Supervision/Consultation Day

Tuesday 3 - Saturday 7 November 2020




Systemic Coaching


Coaching Methods &  

  Intervention Techniques

Harry Hoffmann


Christine Schuppener

Monday 22 March 2021

Peer Supervision/Consultation Day

Tuesday 23 - Saturday 27
March 2021




Intercultural Teams


Case Studies &

  Coaching Profile

Jochen Schuppener


Harry Hoffmann


If you have questions or want further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

For administrative questions: Richard & Louisa Evans: + 44 (0)1920 443500; e-mail: icc@allnations.ac.uk

For content questions: Jochen Schuppener: + 49 8191 4017 534; e-mail: js@schuppener-global-transitions.com

Key Information

  • Tuition Fees
  • Accommodation and Food
  • Course Flyer
  • 2020-21:

    The cost per module for the training is £725.00.
    The cost for each peer supervision/consultation day is £260.00.

    Please note that accommodation and food are not included in the module fee.

    Discount at 15 % - If a participant registers for a Module six calendar months in advance of the Module start date.

    Annual fees for the training years 2021 and 2022 will be increased by a minimum of 3% in June of 2021 and 2022 respectively.

  • Participants have the option of booking full-board accommodation, or meals only at All Nations Christian College for the duration of each intensive week.  As there are only a limited number of rooms available, we ask participants to communicate their preferences regarding food and board as early as possible. Participants are also free to organise their own accommodation and/or food off-site.

    Full-board Accommodation: £115 (5 day intensive), £138 (6 day intensives)
    Meals and refreshments per day: £15

  • To download the course flyer click here.

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