Flexible Delivery:

The Postgraduate and Undergraduate programme are available through campus-based (residential) and flexible delivery. This enables students from all over the world to study with and at the same time as those in the classroom via video technology. See below for more details.

Online Delivery:

The En Route Programme offers the Explore and Express online as an online programme. We also offer various short courses through this mode of study. See below for more details.

  • EnVision

    Helping the church connect across cultures with confidence
    EnVision is a group study resource for Christians who want to know more about mission and how to relate to different cultures. It is an interactive introduction to mission, which uses video, discussion, optional activities and opportunities for personal/group reflection all within the comfort of your home.

  • Missiological Issues in Contextual Theology

    24 April - 30 June 2023
    This course focuses on the missiological issues that have an impact on the shape and context of any contextual theology. The changes within World Christianity in a 100 year period are examined in order to determine their impact on mission and contextual theology. Particular attention is also paid to how contextual theologies are shaped by...

  • Staff Care and Wellbeing: Issues and Application

    17 - 20 April 2023
    optional online
    This course examines the theory and implementation of staff care and wellbeing in different contexts, including consideration of non-western perspectives. It will enable students to reflect on and develop their competencies in addressing complex issues of care in a variety of cultural contexts, for individuals, families, and teams. The course is suitable for those experienced in member care.

  • Mission Strategy

    17 - 20 April 2023
    INTENSIVE online optional
    This course is suitable for those currently involved in or likely to be involved in the development of mission strategy at a church or organisational level. Delivered by experienced mission practitioners and thinkers, this course will equip participants to develop effective strategies for missional engagement in the current global context. Lessons will be drawn from historical models of mission strategy. Current global trends in mission will be examined, and strategic planning approaches, tools and frameworks explored. 

  • Planning and Managing for Transformational Change

    17 - 20 April 2023
    INTENSIVE online optional
    This course is designed for those seeking to update their skills and knowledge in the planning and management of community based programmes, and the running of organisations which seek to have a holistic impact on their communities and wider society, both in the global North and South. The course will be facilitated by Dr Mark Galpin who has extensive experience of development programme design and management, and leadership of faith based development organisations.

  • Explore

    Online - September │January │April

    Explore: A valuable, 13-week (7-8 hours per week), online course that provides essential training in intercultural mission. It is specifically aimed at those who are exploring or wanting to participate in cross-cultural ministry.

    As part of an online learning community you will engage with a personal tutor via workbook assignments. Explore is particularly geared towards those needing more flexibility with regard to their study options.

    Explore is CPD certified and can be taken as part of ongoing professional development.

  • Leadership

    13 January - 17 March 2023 (every Friday, 10am - 1pm GMT)
    MODULAR online optional
    This course provides participants with an in-depth examination of the theory and practice of leadership from a biblical perspective, and examines how this works out in diverse cross-cultural contexts. The course includes an overview and critique of key leadership theories, New Testament models of leadership, the role of emotional intelligence, building resilience in leadership, and the role of the leader in shaping vision, values and culture.  The course is taught by a variety of people all with extensive experience of cross-cultural leadership in a mission context.    

  • Staff Care and Wellbeing: Principles and Processes

    11 January - 15 March 2023 (every Wednesday, 10am - 1pm GMT)
    MODULAR online optional
    This course explores principles of staff care and wellbeing in mission agencies, churches, and other organisations, with especial consideration of their organisational and cultural contexts. The biblical and theological foundations of member care as well as key principles and processes within staff care and wellbeing are examined. The course is suitable for those experienced in member care...

  • Arts and Trauma Healing

    Online: 11 January, 2023
    Residential Intensive: 20 - 31 March, 2023
    This course fosters a holistic interactive approach, engaging Scripture within the healing process for people who suffer from the mental, emotional, and spiritual effects of trauma. It combines biblical truths with basic mental health principles expressed in ways that can be easily translated into other languages. This course is threefold; pre-intensive assignemnts, on-campus intensive and final research project. 

  • Principles and Practices of Community Transformation

    10 January - 14 March 2023 (every Tuesday, 10am - 1pm GMT)
    MODULAR online optional
    This course provides participants with an in depth look at understandings and concepts of poverty, injustice and inequality and examines and critiques approaches to addressing these issues from both a secular and biblical perspective. The course enables participants to evaluate and critique their own experience of development from a Christian faith based perspective and deepen their understanding and practice of approaches that bring about transformational change at the level of individuals, communities and society.

  • Church Reimagined for a Global Age

    10 January - 13 March 2023 (every Tuesday, 10am - 1pm GMT)
    MODULAR online optional
    The course is aimed at those involved in church-based ministry, including those engaged in church planting, evangelism, and theological and mission training in a variety of contexts globally. It seeks to equip students to undertake in-depth analyses of how theology, context and global forces shape ecclesiology; to understand the influence of church form on mission practice and priorities...

  • Methods and Models of Contextual Theology

    9 January - 17 March 2023
    This course provides an introduction to Contextual Theology and allows students to study the origins of the discipline and its validity within the field of theology. Using Stephen Bevans’ Models of Contextual Theology (Maryknoll, N.Y.: Orbis Books, 2002) as a core text, students of this course are able to examine and evaluate the methods and models of contextual theology drawn from a multitude of Christian traditions and from different parts of the world. Particular attention is paid to...

  • Engaging Muslims with Media Initiatives that lead to Unprecedented Breakthroughs

    Saturday 10th December 2022, 9.30-13.00, Online event (Free)

    The world has changed, and so has media. Media ministry used to mean specialised organizations broadcasting the gospel - and doing follow-up - from afar. Today, thanks to shifts in culture and technology, media ministry can be run by "ordinary" workers in the field, leading to exciting advances of the gospel across the Muslim world. Social media represents one of the greatest opportunities for the gospel in our time, and its importance seems only likely to increase. In this event, we'll explore what these media ministries are, what impact they are having (and could have), and how we can leverage them to see greater fruit in the Muslim world.

  • Postgraduate Programme Overview

    The Postgraduate Programme makes use of technology-enhanced delivery and can be accessed residentially on campus or remotely (online) through Flexible Distributed Learning (FDL). Courses can be taken either full or part time. The programme is designed to facilitate progression from the Postgraduate Certificate through to the Masters level.

    PG Cert in Missiology  │ MTh / PG Dip in Contextual Theology  │ MA / PG Dip in: Missiology, Global Ecclesiology, Multicultural Church in Practice, Transformational Development, Transformational Leadership, Staff Care and Wellbeing

  • Undergraduate Programme Overview

    The OU-validated degree course is aimed at those preparing for long-term cross-cultural mission service and who appreciate the balance of practical and academic study.  Overall, the degree programme will enable you to develop communication skills and the ability to analyse, evaluate and design suitable approaches to diverse cultural contexts. Apart from a three week supervised placement, the programme is available either residentially (through campus-based learning) or via Flexible Delivery mode, where remote and campus based students study together. Students may take the Certificate and Diploma one and two yeear programme either residentially or via Flexible Delivery mode.

  • Prayer for the Nations Course

    Online: 2022 dates to be announced

    In this week-long course, we will form a diverse online learning community from the nations and learn to partner with God through intercessory prayer.  Get equipped to engage more confidently and effectively in prayer with God’s heart for the world, and pray with like-minded believers with a similar passion for prayer and missions.

  • Encounter

    Express (Online)

    Runs throughout the year

    Express (Online): an introductory, 4-week (5-6 hours per week), online course that covers the basics of intercultural ministry.

    It is specifically designed for individuals or teams who are interested in or are considering involvement in cross-cultural mission.

  • Undergraduate programme-Open University accredited course


    The validated and non-validated Certificate is aimed at those who have little or no experience in cross-cultural mission but who are hoping to serve effectively wherever they live and work. It is designed to teach foundational missionary knowledge, methodology and practical skills whilst at the same time it helps to develop your interpersonal, spiritual and academic skills throughout the year. This course will therefore enable you to prepare for an effective cross-cultural mission experience.

  • Vulnerable Children: Biblical and Theological Perspectives

    2023 dates tbc
    Intensive Online, Mon-Fri, 9.30am-2.30pm

    Vulnerable children or ‘children at risk’ live across the world and face numerous factors that can prevent them from thriving as whole people created in God’s image. This advanced short course aims to ‘upskill’ Christians involved in working with and on behalf of vulnerable children and young people by developing them as informed reflective practitioners able to draw on a rich resource of applied biblical, theological, and missiological thinking.

  • Diploma

    The validated and non-validated Diploma is a two-year course expanding on the Certificate, that introduces advanced and specialist modules in areas such as region specific studies, other religions and apologetics. Opportunities to go deeper into your Bible also exist, with preliminary Greek as well as further exegesis of a variety of Old and New Testament books. All students on the Diploma programme will be required to complete a three week supervised placement to gain experience in a cross-cultural environment.

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