What Students Say

  • “The En Route course gives those called to serve Him in a cross-cultural context a very sound and deep preparation for what could potentially lie ahead. It also motivates you to go out into all nations and proclaim His truth but in a culturally sensitive and confident way.”
  • "En Route helped me to leave unrealistic expectations behind and gave me the necessary tools for my 'missionary backpack' to serve abroad. The blends of learning styles within the lessons of En Route, the faithful staff, the passion for the Word of God, the lovely food and opportunities to play sport and make (worship) music still brings fruitful and blessed memories. Whether inexperienced in mission (as I was) or a mission-veteran: En Route will challenge you in fresh ways!"
  • “It’s just so good. I wish everyone in my church and family could attend as cross-cultural mission is not just for a select few being sent overseas.”
  • “The course has great breadth and depth in terms of understanding cross- cultural mission, reflecting deep engagement with the Bible and a range of disciplines. There is a balance of attention to theory and practice, rooted in the lives and experience of the tutors, which gives it great authenticity.”
  • “It provides a great foundation for any Christian in developing an understanding of mission – this is so important for every Christian, not just those who know themselves called to go overseas.”
  • “It is a clear and concise, yet comprehensive preparation. It is training that comes from a place of being rooted in Christ and the Bible. It’s a really supportive environment for learning and being equipped.”
  • “The fellowship, spiritual protection and personal empowerment prepared me for more than cross-cultural mission. I had the privilege of spending 10 weeks in a safe place, growing ‘in love’ with God and his godly people."
  • “It has provided a solid foundation for cross-cultural mission based on the bible and grounded on the cross-cultural experience of the tutors. There is a good balance of emphasis on head, heart and hands.”
  • “En Route helps to detach yourself from your ‘home’ environment and your comfort zone. It gives the opportunity to prepare yourself in a broad interdonominal setting. Within in the classes of En Route you build your own base for your future mission work and it gives you the possibility to really dive into variety of subjects! As a couple we now live and work in Colombia and many times we refer to our time at All Nations, when things go well but also when we have challenges moments we have the tools to resolve!”
  • "En Route... steered us into serving the poor (and the wealthy [the community in general]) in a new cultural context on the Wiltshire/Somerset border. It also equipped us for speaking more openly and confidently about our faith in the workplace. It helped us see ourselves actually as we were - Missionaries to the UK, and encouragers of the Church in various formats - serving quietly [Holy Habits] and noisily - BIG sung worship, and in bringing new cultures and other Christian points of view on prayer, worship, and life in general to the body of the church in rural deprived areas."
  • "En Route was one of the best equipping experiences for serving overseas. My husband and I are Mission Partners with the Methodist Church of Southern Africa. Ministry at times can be lonely and stressful in another part of the world and since being here I have often referred back to my resources, notes and my learning journal that I was encouraged to keep whilst at All Nations. I cannot recommend the course highly enough - it is a MUST for anyone serving overseas short or long term in mission."
  • "En Route was invaluable for me as I prepared to go to Kenya. It made me think through a lot of issues that I had never thought about before such as communicating the gospel cross-culturally, the difficult dynamics of working in a team and understanding ATR. I remember wrestling with the ideas of how we bless poorer people without causing them to become dependent on our wealth. I learnt a lot about myself, my character and personality and the strengths that I can bring to a team. It helped me deal with the emotions of the transitions that I was about to go through, saying goodbye and become like a child in a new culture and language. Not only were we stimulated intellectually by a diverse range of topics, but living on campus has given me lifelong friends! It was so good to be part of the wider All Nations community to live together, serve together, and support one another. More than anything, it helped me grow in my love for God and for the task he has called us to: to go and make disciples of all nations."
  • “This course has been a real blessing. The group has been fantastic. The tutors have been fantastic. ANCC is a really special place, blessed by God. This course has been the best thing that we have done in our Christian lives so far. I don’t know any other course or program that packs so much learning and so much growth into such a short time.” En Route Student, 2019.

En Route – multicultural ministry training

Course Tutor

Jan Barlow

BSc (Occupational Therapy), Post Graduate Diploma in Palliative Care, MA Leadership with Mission.

En Route

Your Launchpad into Mission, Cross-cultural Evangelism and Christian Ministry.

10 weeks of residential or Zoom-based Christian ministry and mission training.

No prior academic qualifications required.

Courses start in September, January and April.

If you would like to prepare yourself or your team to enter Christian mission at home or overseas, then consider this course: it is the UK’s longest-running course of its kind.

En Route is a 10-week course designed to intensively train those who are thinking about serving in intercultural Christian mission, or who are already in the process and preparing to go. It is delivered at our historic and beautiful campus in Hertfordshire.

Here you can be part of a unique Christian multicultural training community from all over the world, that is rich in experience and knowledge. Students often make lifelong friends and return for retreats or further studies later in life.

If you would like to apply for this course, please complete our online application form.

If you have any questions that aren’t addressed on this web page, please email enroute@allnations.ac.uk.


Who is this mission and ministry training for?

This specially designed biblical training is open to anyone who is considering working cross-culturally in Christian ministry or mission, at home or abroad.

Hundreds of people working in international mission and local churches, have benefited from En Route’s intercultural mission and ministry training over the years.

Why opt for ministry training on a residential course?

The residential course is particularly recommended for those who want to be part of an intercultural community while they prepare for their next steps in mission. This enables them to put into practice those things learned in the classroom immediately. The campus is a beautiful place to stay for a true cross-cultural and biblical learning experience.

What if I can’t come to campus?

All the learning included in the programme is available for those who access the course remotely via Zoom, except for visits to local churches and active participation in our unique security simulation. We work hard to ensure you will be very much a part of the En Route group and the All Nations community.

Is it any good?

En Route is one of our flagship courses. It has been taken by students all over the world, in person and online. 2024 marks the 50th time we have run this course in the UK.

It is incredibly practical, especially if you are planning to work overseas: each student learns new skills that will help them in their calling, while they reflect and build on their biblical understanding and cross-cultural awareness.

Will I enjoy it?

This is a life-changing and sometimes challenging experience but ensuring that students enjoy their course is a vital part of our role!

This cross-cultural ministry education programme includes:

  • Lectures and seminars from our expert staff and visiting lecturers
  • Simulations
  • Role play
  • The use of multimedia
  • Research
  • Church visits
  • Arts
  • Workshops
  • Talks by accomplished Christian leaders in multicultural projects
  • Guided reading
  • Directed reflection and regular feedback.

What is in the course?

The 10-week course consists of 5 modules:

  • Who Am I?
  • The Bible and Mission
  • Culture & Religion
  • Relating & Integrating Across the Cultures
  • Integral Mission

How will it benefit me, or my team?

Successfully completing En Route has allowed students to develop new levels of spiritual and personal maturity through their deeper knowledge and understanding, combined with key practical and professional skills. In practical terms, it supports the resilience and longevity of those working in Christian ministry and mission in a new culture.

You, or your team, will have new key skills in:

  • Cross-cultural life and work, including language acquisition and health and mission resourcing
  • Integrating with, and relating to, others from diverse backgrounds
  • Self-awareness and openness towards other views
  • Biblical interpretation
  • Holistic community development practice
  • Nurturing your own spiritual development, including spiritual disciplines and intimacy with God
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Financial management
  • Using technology in different contexts.

You, or your team, will gain knowledge and understanding of:

  • Key issues in mission studies
  • The Bible’s missional narrative
  • Other religions’ traditions
  • Cultural models and world views
  • Pastoral awareness, including self-awareness and how to work with others
  • Contextualisation: the message and the messenger
  • Factors that are integral to missions, including intercultural evangelism, discipleship, church planting/support, arts in mission, creation care, community development, poverty and justice.

Are there any entry criteria for En Route?

En Route Christian intercultural ministry training does not require any academic qualifications.

People with good conversational English will benefit most from the course. An indication of the level of English we advise is an IELTS score of 4.5 in Listening and Comprehension and 4.0 in Reading and Writing.

We may request an interview with those who do not have English as a first language, to find out if the course is suitable for you. The college retains the right to refuse an application if it is not satisfied with the candidate’s ability to communicate in English.

Which qualification will graduates receive?

All Nations En Route Certificate.

The workload, and making the most of your time at All Nations

Classes run from 9.30am to 1pm, Monday to Friday. There are occasional afternoon classes and all-day study trips. The remainder of the afternoons are free for personal study and the completion of assignments. There are also optional class trips to different mono/multicultural churches on two Sundays over the course of the term.

Kitchen and maintenance chores are part of student life, to foster a servant heart, build community, and help to keep student fees to a minimum.


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Key Information

  • Modules
  • Course Fees
  • Course Dates
  • Module 1: Who am I? 
    Understanding our identity and personality in relation to God, His mission and others. Living in a cross-cultural learning community, working in teams and handling transition.

    Module 2: The Bible and Mission
    Exploring the Bible’s missional narrative and examining mission in the early church, across the centuries and in our world today.

    Module 3: Culture and Religion
    Developing an understanding of culture, worldview and religious traditions, and their implications for cross-cultural life and work.

    Module 4: Relating and Integrating Across the Cultures 
    Dealing with the practical issues of cross-cultural life and service, equipping students with the skills for building cross-cultural relationships.

    Module 5: Integral Mission: Building God’s Kingdom
    Exploring cross-cultural evangelism, discipleship, church-planting, creation care, poverty and development, and arts in mission.

    En Route to...
    Understanding God’s guidance and call on our lives and gaining practical resources for the next step/season of life.

  • Course fees

    Application fee: £27

    En Route 10-week tuition fee: £3,002 (less a £350 deposit) for both remote access and on campus

    Student body fee: £10

    For on-campus students:

    Full board accommodation for a 10-week term: £1,969

    Self-catering accommodation for families: from £907 per calendar month

    Amenities fee for a 10-week term (including weekday lunches, linen changes and all college facilities): £270

    Keys: Refundable room key deposit: £20. Replacement key fobs: £15

    Charge for cash payments: While the College accepts payments by cash, this is limited. Students who wish to pay their fees in cash will face a charge of £50 per transaction if they exceed cash payments of £500 per person per calendar month, with a monthly limit of £1,000 per person.

  • En Route runs 3 times a year beginning in late September, early January or late April in any academic year.

    Autumn Term:  Wednesday 20 September 2023 - Saturday 2 December 2023
    Spring Term:    Wednesday 3 January 2024 - Saturday 16 March 2024
    Summer Term: Wednesday 17 April 2024 - Saturday 29 June 2024

    Application deadline is 6 weeks prior to programme start date.

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