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Rev. Dr Sue Barclay

BA (Hons) Biblical & Intercultural Studies, All Nations Christian College; MA in Aspects of Biblical Interpretation, London School of Theology; PhD in Contextual Theology, Luther King House, Manchester...

Missiological Issues in Contextual Theology

26 April - 3 July, 2021

This course focuses on the missiological issues that have an impact on the shape and context of any contextual theology. The course outline is framed by the two Edinburgh missionary conferences of 1910 and 2010. The changes within World Christianity in this 100 year period are examined in order to determine their impact on mission and contextual theology and particular attention is also paid to how contextual theologies are shaped by the cultural matrices of the differing regions of the world from which they emerge. The specific missiological issues studied in detail are Mission and Identity, Mission and Postmodernities, Mission and Other Faiths, Forms of Missionary Engagement, Mission and Spirituality and Discipleship.

Course Delivery

This course is delivered online, allowing students to work through each week’s material according to their own timetable. 
Each week, students contribute to an online discussion, and participate in a scheduled live discussion (via videoconferencing) to share reflections on the week’s learning.

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