All Nations has a dedicated Information and Learning Services Team to support students with their studies.

The following applies to all students, regardless of whether they are taking the OU-validated programmes or the ANCC non-validated programmes.

All Nations is committed to supporting all students pastorally and academically throughout their studies and ensure that those with particular needs receive the help they need to be able to participate without disadvantage in all aspects of college life, including accessing their chosen programmes of study.

This support takes place both within the general teaching and learning frameworks of the college, including the personal tutorial system, and through the services of the Learning Services Team (LST). 

The SLT provides instruction on developing academic skills and accessing library services and individual support for students with learning difficulties, disabilities and health conditions that affect their studies.

Support provided includes guidance on:

  • Using library resources
  • using Information and Communications Technologies
  • Preparing for study
  • Time management
  • Reading effectively
  • Academic writing
  • Thinking critically
  • Assignment planning
  • Preparing for Exams and
  • Citation of sources

Support for Students with learning difficulties, disabilities and health conditions

The College recognises that each student has unique needs and that in the case of those with a specific disability, health condition or learning difficulty, this will manifest itself differently in each case. Support is therefore tailored to the needs of the individual. This may include

One-to-one assistance with:

  • Obtaining diagnoses of learning difficulties
  • Understanding how a learning difficulty affects studies
  • Accessing Disabled Student’s Allowance(DSA) (where applicable) and other available funding
  • Liaising with College staff regarding necessary "reasonable adjustments"
  • Accessing College facilities
  • Accessing Library services
  • Acquiring academic skills (as above)

The LST also works alongside specialist study skills tutors and mentors  (for example,  DSA approved suppliers to ensure that students with special needs receive support that is tailored to their particular condition. 

How to Access Learning Support

To find out more about how to access support for your learning please see here

Support for International Students

The College recognises and celebrates the richness that International Students bring to the community and is committed to ensuring that those coming from other cultures, and learning in a second or foreign language are supported during their time at All Nations.

International students receive pastoral care through the College’s general teaching and learning frameworks (in particular the personal tutorial system) and academic support from the Learning Services Team. 

Study and Research Skills training is provided to help all new undergraduate students, particularly International Students, to adapt to UK study methods and academic culture.  

English language support is available for those who need additional assistance, with a particular focus on using English for Biblical and Theological Studies.

Useful resources

Funding for students with disabilities and other needs 2019/20: = 2019/20

Help if you're a student with a learning difficulty, health problem or disability:


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