All Nations has a dedicated Information and Learning Services Team to support students with their studies.

This team includes the Information and Learning Services Manager, Librarian and Learning Support Facilitator who offer guidance and support in the following areas:

Information Skills   

Support and guidance is available to help students use the Library effectively and locate the best resources for their studies.

Study Skills

In order to help students improve their study skills, we run a Study Skills Foundation Course that runs throughout the year, covering topics such as reading effectively, use and management of sources, citation and how to avoid plagiarism, and developing critical thinking.

This course is open to all students. The sessions are particularly valuable for international students and those entering or returning to higher education. Additional study skills sessions to help develop the analytical, critical and evaluative skills needed to write assignments are also provided for students in Levels 4, 5 and 6. Five compulsory study skills sessions for Level 4 students run at the start of each term.

We also conduct ten compulsory sessions for all students enrolled directly onto the Level 5 programme. These sessions aim to cover some of the foundational topics covered in the en route and Level 4 programmes. Compulsory sessions on research skills are provided for final year BA students to support them with writing research proposals and writing research papers.

Individual Support

The College recognises that each student has unique needs and that in the case of those with a specific disability, health condition or learning difficulty, this will manifest itself differently in each case. In order to support all students pastorally and academically throughout their studies, it therefore aims to provide personal support to each individual as required.  All Nations wants to support students from the very start of their journey with us, so asks applicants to inform the College of any specific needs as part of the application process.  This enables us to work out an appropriate learning support plan together.



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