The College operates an open-door policy which allows students to discuss with the relevant person any matters of concern as and when they may arise.

Students have the opportunity to raise concerns or suggest ideas to their personal tutor, through the Student Committee and through their elected representatives on the various academic committees and boards who have responsibility for the quality of the student learning experience.

The Student Committee

The student body elect fellow students to serve on the Student Committee each term, and the roles include:

  • Head Boy and Head Girl
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Cleaning Rep
  • Kitchen Rep
  • Prayer Rep
  • Students Living Out Rep
  • Transport Rep and
  • Worship Rep.

The Head Students run the elected committee who meet together once a week to discuss the smooth running of college life and to organise any extracurricular college events, social activities and student celebrations. They are also responsible for listening to the student body, making sure any needs or grievances are expressed to the relevant parties.

Each week the Head Students liaise with the Principal / CEO and Facilities Manager of the college. Any non-academic issues which has been raised by the student body are addressed here.

Academic Feedback

The College actively seeks feedback from students on their studies. This can be given at any time to module tutors and the Undergraduate Programme Leader but also through their academic student rep. Student Reps ask their cohort for any feedback which students may wish them to take to the termly programme committee meetings. All feedback is taken seriously and the programme committees are responsible for responding appropriately. It is through student feedback that the programme is constantly enhanced to meet student’s needs, especially through the end of term student module evaluations and the end of year student programme evaluations.


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