Graduates of the BA programme go on to a variety of mission related posts, with a small percentage going directly on to further study.

The undergraduate programme has been designed especially for those seeking to work in some form of Christian ministry with an intercultural element. The course attracts students from all over the world who range in age from early twenties to past retirement. Many will already have well established careers to which they will return when their studies are complete. Others will be seeking new areas in which to work, although some go on to do further study. 

Graduates may be found, for example, in leadership of mission organisations; teaching Bible and/or mission-related subjects at theological colleges; church planting and discipleship ministries or working in community and church development. They may also be found in completely non mission related jobs.

Below are some examples of what former students have gone on to do since completing their studies at All Nations: 


Simon Guillebaud, MBE

Founder and International Director: Great Lakes Outreach




Anna Bishop

Former Executive Director: Global Connections




Dr Anne-Marie Wilson 

BA Graduate: 2007-2009

Founder/Executive Director: 28 Too Many




Jennifer GaribayJennifer Garibay

BA Graduate: 2013-2016

London City Mission




Matthew Wallis


BA Graduate: 2011-2014

Physiotherapist at St Luke's Hospital in Market Harborough

Involved with Friend's International and a local church in Leicester

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