Community - All Nations is a diverse, supportive and vibrant community. Over one hundred students from more than twenty nations live and study together here, so your cross-cultural training starts on day one! You can learn from one another’s insights and experiences, and build friendships that last a lifetime.

In recent years we have had up to 33 different nationalities here at one time. The age of students ranges between 19 and 60 with an average age of 27. There are families, couples and singles who study residentially at college as well as a small proportion who live off site and those who study All Nations courses online from their locations around the world.

Serving - Teamwork and service are of high value at All Nations. We serve one another in practical ways helping out with gardening, IT support, cleaning, or through volunteering to be on the student committee. We recognise everyone has a part to play. Every student is part of a team who help with the day to day maintenance of the college on a regular basis. Chores happen every day for those living in, and everyone is on the maintenance rota once a fortnight.

Worship – Each day begins with worship either all together or in smaller tutor groups. United in Christ, our worship reflects our diversity: drawing from many different cultures and traditions, we can enjoy multicultural worship. Prayer is the heartbeat of the college. We encourage deep personal prayer and intercessory prayer for the world. We also break from routine to focus completely on God for a ‘quiet day’ every term.

Fun - All Nations is a fun environment to be in with time to relax and laugh with staff and students. There are regular coffee parties and social events such as international night, music night, big screen films, campfires, table tennis tournaments, organised visits to surrounding attractions and more!

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