God continues to weave people’s stories into our lives long after they have left us. Sometimes they are laid bare, gleaming in plain sight; sometimes they are hidden treasures to be mined. With the help of his sister, Mary, Andrew Daunton-Fear carefully mined the treasures of his mother’s extraordinary life and writings and has given us the gift of her biblical insight and deep wisdom. Treasures from a Deep Mine was co-edited by Mary and brings together a series of devotional articles born from the trauma of World War Two.

The battles we’re facing today may look different, but we can still draw comfort and insight from these wartime reflections, written by Alison Daunton-Fear, a student of what was then Ridgelands Bible College. Ridgelands Bible College later joined another missionary training college to form All Nations Christian College in 1971. Alison’s legacy continues, and there are practical applications to her devotional messages in our present uncertain times.

Andrew shared his reflections on the book with us.

Who do you see getting the most benefit out of this devotional? Who is your main audience?

Christian believers and enquirers of all ages, men as well as women.

What was the intention behind compiling this devotion and what do you hope people take away from it?

We found that these devotional talks still have a powerful message for today, and we wanted them to have a much wider audience than those who originally heard them. We hope they will deepen Christian discipleship, bring comfort and peace in a troubled world, and extend God’s kingdom.

Could you share your favourite excerpts?

‘We often think of sacrifice as something coming occasionally into our lives. The great crises are times of sacrifice to God, but really God calls us not to make sacrifices but to live them – to be a living sacrifice.’ (p.3)

‘Before our lives can be given to help others, they must be broken in his hands.’ (p.7)

‘As long as we have time to breathe, we have time to pray.’ (p.25)

‘Jesus did not mean his life merely to be an example but an experience: “You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you.”’ (p.30)

‘The question is not do we possess faith but are we being possessed by our faith – by Jesus Christ?’ (p.33)

‘The badge of his service is humility and the emblems of that service are a towel and a basin.’ (p.49)

‘Often our lives are lived in some remote backwater and we think that what we are doing is of no value to God… But God is with us where we are, wanting to hallow our daily task.’ (p.65)

‘We all without exception have our dark times. It has been the experience of the saints of all ages that they go through times of darkness and spiritual dryness. But the dew from heaven falls in darkness.’ (p.78)

 ‘All through life our hands are used either for self or for the service of others.’ (p.85)

‘Jesus had no earthly possessions to leave, but what he left his disciples was something more precious than any material possessions. He gave them peace.’ (p.113)

‘There is forgiveness for all my sins if I come close enough to the Cross.’ (p.119)

What are the main themes in the devotion and how do you think they can be applied today?

Prayer, faith, trusting God in crises, the spiritual training of children, the Cross, the Holy Spirit, caring for others. Many of these topics are relevant to Christian discipleship today; the wartime talks can bring comfort in other crisis situations.

Academic Vice Principal and Undergraduate Programme Leader, Dr VJ Samkutty, had this to say:

In this treasury of devotional thoughts, Alison Daunton-Fear inspires the

readers to live a kingdom-minded and Christ-centred life. Her desire to

encourage people to grow in intimacy and communion with God, lead a life

totally dependent on God and seek the power of the Holy Spirit in their daily

life, shines through the pages of this book. The nuggets of truth and wisdom

Alison brings in here are biblically sound and practically relevant. These also

seem to echo the cry of a heart that fully trusts in God in the selfless service of

Christ and sincere love for others.

What legacy will you leave for future generations? How will God weave your story into the lives of others? 

Get your copy of Treasures from a Deep Mine here

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