Whether you’re a student, preacher, teacher, or involved in world missions, this site will be a great resource for you...

As librarian in a mission training college it’s my job to make sure our students have access to all the latest resources. I wouldn’t be a very good librarian if I could not point our students to the helpful and varied sources that we keep in our library.

Archive of Books

One of the areas I want to keep updated is the journals collection, and in this day and age more and more journals are available to us, whether we step into a library or search online-   if only we knew where to look for them…

So I want to draw your attention to a particular site called Theology on the Web: http://theologyontheweb.org.uk/

The aim of the site is to make high quality theological material available freely around the world. This is done by digitising and uploading articles and books in co-operation with authors and publishers and there are now already over 32,000 articles available for free download!

The site hosts a range of different journals including…

  • The Africa Journal of Evangelical Theology
  • Melanesian Journal of Theology
  • The Journal of Biblical Literature

… to name just a few.

All of these resources can be found within seven key areas which are:

  • Biblical Studies
  • Theological Studies
  • Early Church
  • Medieval Church
  • Reformation Church
  • Biblical Archaeology
  • Mission

The site is run and developed by Rob Bradshaw and we along with other theological libraries have helped him to develop this site by giving him access to our print journal collections for scanning. Updates on newly added resources can be found on Rob’s twitter and facebook accounts.
T: https://twitter.com/robbradshaw
F: https://www.facebook.com/rob.bradshaw

We would like to see this resource continue to grow and I am sure that you will find it an invaluable tool for your studies and personal interest. So whether you’re a student, preacher, teacher, or involved in world missions, this site will be a great resource for you!



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