All Nations is well known for pioneering the “Head, Heart and Hands” model of training. Former All Nations Tutor Dr. Ruth Wall used to emphasise that our training was not H + H + H but H X H X H, highlighting that we don’t add academic training (Head), to Spiritual and Personal Development (Heart), added to Practical Training (Hands), rather we multiply the head, heart and hands. Each element is in all our training modules and all parts of life. Ruth emphasized that this type of model could only be achieved in a learning community. 

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, All Nations had a ‘Spiritual Emphasis’ day.  The whole community, staff (not only teaching staff) and students were encouraged to make space in their busy schedules to take part. Five devotional sessions were organized so that each person could focus on their spiritual lives as individuals and as a community.  The whole college spent time listening to God and interceding for the world and creative spaces were allocated for diverse and prayerful reflection. 

The All Nations community were reminded yet again of the Apostle Paul’s statement that is, ‘you, being rooted and grounded in love, may have power together with all the saints to comprehend the length and width and height and depth of His love, and know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge.’ The saints we have at All Nations come from over 25 different countries, and represent many different church traditions. The richness of adoration, prayer, meditation, singing, intercession in a multicultural, multi-confessional community is such a challenge to our often individualistic ideas of spirituality. 

At All Nations we dare to say that it is simply not possible to form ordinary people to do the extraordinary and transformative things for God’s world without the experience of learning in a close community of people. A people who learn to trust one another enough to share their deepest spiritual longings and fears in prayer and worship. The need for long-term relationships of accountability and love that deepen with time is vital to the formation of those who will live and work cross-culturally both in this country and abroad.

All Nations rejoices to be able to offer a residential setting, where the whole community are able to draw together for extended periods of time for adoration, prayer and fasting. Why not tell us something of your experiences in the comment box below? 

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