Scot free

Our recent Scottish alumnus Fitzroy MacGregor (not his real name) describes how training for mission with All Nations has helped to free up exciting new possibilities for him...

After thirty-five years in industry, I was ready for a break, seeking a change of direction, hungry for a fresh intellectual challenge and eager to immerse myself in a Kingdom community.

A friend of mine had studied with All Nations Christian College many years earlier and suggested that I should give it some thought too.

Initially unwilling to commit to the All Nations BA Degree course in Biblical and Intercultural Studies, I enrolled instead in the ten-week All Nations 'En Route' course, which is very practically orientated towards preparing people for living and working in a cross-cultural context.

The ten weeks of the 'En Route' course just flew by and, reflecting on the experience, I realised that I actually wanted to go deeper, to spend longer and to explore more theology.

The following year, I enrolled directly into the second year of the All Nations BA Degree course, which is also known as 'Level 5', on the back of my previous degree in engineering and some experience with mission work.

I graduated with the All Nations BA this summer and now several new fields of endeavour have opened up for me as a result of the contacts which I have made through my time with All Nations.

The community life experience and the stimulating academic challenge combined to make the last two years some of the most rewarding and memorable of my life.

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