Becci (right) with fellow students

Life at All Nations brings me a lot of joy! One thing that struck me from the very beginning at All Nations was the incredible grounds and their beauty. Located in Hertfordshire, there are some beautiful countryside walks and runs. There is an aura of peace that encompasses the college and every time I go away and later return, I'm stunned by the tranquility of the college.

When I first saw what All Nations entailed I thought it was going to be too academic for me and I didn't think I was capable enough! But there are so many creative, practical and non-academic elements of the course, which is so essential in my opinion!

General college life is fantastic! We have such a great community here with such a diverse range of missional experiences! A small number of us, just over 100 students, yet mighty and on fire for learning more and being equipped.

The nature of the college binds you together with community worship every week, regular tutor group meetings and the many socials run by the Student Committee.

At present, I'm in my third year on the degree programme and it's full of practical and academic study. I really love this year because it's predominantly aimed at you - you get to choose the modules for the whole year, so you can really specialise in your interests.

I'm taking Hebrew at the moment because I really want to understand the original language of the Old Testament. It is fascinating and so interesting, although hard work too! Alongside Hebrew, I'm also taking a module this term in Global Peace and Justice Studies, looking at inequality around the world, conflict and peace-building strategies.

However, one of my favourite modules was in the last term before Christmas - Performing Arts in Community. I love the Arts / Drama so this was awesome! We were equipped to run workshops on various themes to take out into the community with us. These are powerful tools and gave us many resources to connect with communities, and the workshops are easily adaptable to incorporate Biblical themes for non-Christian audiences.

When I came to All Nations, I had a desire to learn more, to increase my Biblical knowledge and gain key skills for the mission field, yet the future was unknown and exciting. Since being here God has really defined my calling and identified my giftings, and my ministry placement facilitated that. Ministry placements are where students get the opportunity to be involved in mission, putting our faith into action. This year I have decided to pursue online mission, which came on to my personal horizon when I wrote a research paper on 'E-vangelism: Fishing on the Net' in my first year. Ever since then God has developed that desire to reach people on the internet. He has helped me make connections with others in this field in Christian Vision, and has encouraged me on my walk through others who have recognised my passion for it. I'm able to talk to people online who have questions about faith. The internet is a huge mission field in the 21st century and I have found that so many people are seeking God and seeking answers to tough questions. People can open up and show vulnerability online because it's less personal as you aren't face-to-face. While recognising this impersonal aspect, our overall mission is to connect people with a local church, if they wish, after we have answered their questions. I love this placement and I'm so thankful for the opportunity God has given me. I'm looking forward to taking steps in new technologies to reach others in the future. 

I'm so glad I made the step to come here and can't believe I'm nearly finishing! I'm amazed at God's faithfulness which has helped to get me this far! The things I'm writing and doing now I could never have imagined I would be able to do or write...

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