A few years ago I was invited by a friend to go on a 'mission trip' to Romania with the organisation 'Life2Romania'. This was my first experience of mission. I was excited! I didn't know what to expect thoughBecci in Romania...

The plan was to facilitate two holiday Bible clubs, each one a week long, in two different locations. One was in Pricaz and the other in Telechiu. These were both in poverty-stricken areas - I hadn't ever visited places like these, so it was an eye-opening experience. 

We went through four points: God loves me; I have sinned; Jesus died on a cross for me, to forgive me; and I have a decision to make. Doesn't sound too hard to get across does it? Yet some of the children were Romani, which made things trickier! So we sang songs in Romanian, had translators from English to Romanian and then Romanian to Gypsy! We did lots of creative things too, as we'd brought resources from the UK. It was such great fun! To this day I find it so amazing how you can share so much laughter and joy with others, yet not be able to communicate a word with each other! I'm thankful that God has gifted us with many different ways of communication! 

There was always food provided for the children at the end for lunch, and if we had any left over we distributed it around the village to people we were told needed it most. One significant but sad encounter was with a young girl with severe disabilities, who was bed-bound. As we entered her house there were flies swarming around her, and a large number of fly strips hanging around the room covered in flies that had been caught.

I remember at that moment thinking: this is why we are here. What an honour it is to serve God by caring for those who have nothing and cannot do things for themselves. This is the Gospel, a Gospel of love, fellowship and care. Her face lit up when she saw us. What delight it brought to my heart - so simple, yet God was fully in that moment. I asked God to break my heart for what breaks His. This was my first experience of mission, and I was so thankful that my friend had asked me to join her!

Playing with little girls along the dusty road, looking over the river with the guys, singing songs in Romanian with the children, making friendship bracelets, sharing sandwiches with the local people and hearing some of the older children making a commitment to God... True joy!

What an incredible God we serve, and what excitement it brings that He calls us to partner with Him in this journey!

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