My role with All Nations is as Tutor for Ministry Placements, which involves placing students in churches or other organisations to gain practical experience (a bit of a task with COVID!). Placements are part of the 'hands' aspect of the 'head, heart and hands' ethos of All Nations - combining the academic with the spiritual and practical dimensions of mission.

In addition to this, I run a Tutor Group of students and staff, organise Ministry Internships (three weeks working with a church or mission organisation either overseas or in the UK), organise practical courses (hairdressing, car maintenance), provide pastoral support and learning for students, and lastly organise our 'Contemporary Issues in Mission' series. CIM is a weekly session where we look at some 'hot' issues which Christians may encounter in mission. I also have a number of ministry placement assignments to mark at the end of each academic year. It is a real challenge as well as pleasure to see what the students have been up to.

My connection with All Nations began as a student, I completed a BA, MA, and later worked as a volunteer in the kitchens for a term.

The variety of the tasks I do appeals to me. As a former teacher of English as a Foreign Language, I guess I enjoy the student support side as I get to help a number of students for whom English is not their first language, with issues such as essay writing and grammar.

My mission background includes ten or eleven years working as an English teacher in mainland China and Hong Kong, including being an English language examiner in China. During that time I worked for mission organisations and secular organisations.

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