Finishing well and starting well


The life of many of our students at All Nations is one of change. We are always finishing one stage and starting another. We do our best to help our students to handle transition well. Looking back, we encourage them to make sure that they put right any problem relationship that they have had and affirm the good relationships. In the present, we encourage the students to make sure they have a good and appropriate farewell with people, places and things that they will be leaving. And for the future, we encourage them to mentally prepare themselves by focusing on what is to come. 

At the end of last term, we said goodbye to our en route students and a couple of others who have been here an extra term. 2016 has been “special” in many ways. A number of high profile figures have died. The BREXIT vote in the UK; the US election; the continuing war in Syria, the rise of the right-wing in Europe are just some of the more visual political events.

As we say goodbye—and perhaps good-riddance—to 2016, it is good to reflect on the good and bad of the past year, and look to the future. In Isaiah 43:18, God says he is doing a new thing, making streams in the desert: a pathway forward with blessing where there was an impassable place. Revelation 21:5 looks forward to the ultimate “new thing” that God is making or remaking. The New Heavens and New Earth, the New Jerusalem with the river of life. 

This is a new year, a new opportunity and full of new possibilities and hope. How will we live differently in 2017 in the light of what we have learned from 2016? How can we adapt our life and mission to be more effective in God’s world in 2017?

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