Life as a missionary in residence at All Nations



   Life as a Missionary In Residence at ANCC has been fantastic. We arrived somewhat tired, dried up and shrivelled having lived in the desert sun surrounded by concrete and sand for 16 years, but we are leaving refreshed and well fed, ready to return to the field with new vigour and purpose. 


We have served here (and we’ve worked jolly hard at it too!), but we’ve also been given much; we have reconnected with England, we have learned and studied, our minds have been educated and challenged, our spirits have been upheld and encouraged by the grace-filled community and the opportunity to pray and worship alongside many like-minded people. We have been able to walk alongside students at different stages of their lives; even recruiting some to return to the field with us as team members! And, whether I am digging in the gardens or lecturing, playing frisbee or counselling, walking in the woods or administering an event, chatting in the dining hall or praying in tutor group - each of these beautiful facets of life at All Nations has been rich and precious and I look on these two years as a priceless jewel in our life journey.


I thoroughly recommend this experience of being an MIR to anyone like ourselves seeking a break from the field. Community life enriches and challenges, academic life stretches and educates and country life restores and replenishes. We have made lifelong friendships here - come and do likewise.

Missionary in Residence, 2017 - 2019


Please email HR if you would like to enquire about becoming a missionary in residence at All Nations:

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