It has been another amazing term on en route!

It has been another amazing term on en route! We say this having just concluded our 29th consecutive course last Friday (with 12 students from 4 different continents); and whilst looking forward to welcoming and celebrating with our 30th group this coming September.

Looking further back, we really thank God for the last 10 years, during which time we have had the privilege of welcoming and training almost 400 students, from over 30 nations, more than 40 mission agencies, and representing well over 200 churches from around the world.

As a 10-week residential course, we endeavour to spiritually and practically prepare people from churches and agencies to work across cultures – whether that is in a participant’s home context or further afield. I believe that we take seriously the reality that mission is from everywhere, to everywhere and within any context that we may find ourselves; that mission is as much a lifestyle lived out as it is a geographic location or destination. As a result, one student recently concluded:

“I wish everyone in my church and family could attend [en route] as cross-cultural mission is not just for a select few being sent overseas.”

Another said that en route...

“provides a great foundation for any Christian in developing an understanding of mission.”

One of the things that Louisa and I [en route programme leaders] most enjoy as leaders of en route, is seeing people of different ages, backgrounds, experiences, cultures and personalities coming together to form what we call a learning community. We have been consistently amazed at the deep fellowship and friendships that are formed in such a short space of time, and which demonstrate that the ability to be effective across the cultures is grounded in the development of a healthy relationship with God and with others.

So wherever you are from, and wherever God is calling you to remain or go, be and do, en route may well be just the course for you! You’d be very welcome to join us.

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