All Nations has assembled a teaching staff from around the world to help it deliver cutting-edge mission training. Many of the staff have ongoing mission commitments, helping them to remain up to date with current issues and stay in touch with what mission is about and how to reach people in their contemporary environments. 

  • Dr David L. Baker

    Biblical Studies Lecturer and Tutor

    BA (Hons) and PhD in Biblical Studies, University of Sheffield; PGCE, University of Oxford.

    David joined the staff at All Nations in September 2016. He previously taught Biblical Studies in Indonesia for over twenty years, with a special interest in the Old Testament. During that time, he was also involved in theological publishing, Bible translation, and church ministry. More recently he has been deputy warden at Tyndale House, Cambridge, and taught Old Testament at Trinity Theological College in Perth, Australia. Since returning to England in 2014, David has been a member of the leadership team at St Martin’s Church, Cambridge.

    He has written three books in English: Two Testaments, One Bible: The Theological Relationship Between the Old and New Testaments (IVP, 3rd edition 2010), Tight Fists or Open Hands? Wealth and Poverty in Old Testament Law (Eerdmans, 2009), and The Decalogue: Living as the People of God (IVP, 2017). He has also published articles in a variety of academic journals and several textbooks in Indonesian.

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  • Rev. Dr Sue Barclay

    Contextual Theology and Mission Studies Tutor

    BA (Hons) Latin & Physics, Keele University;  BA (Hons) Biblical & Intercultural Studies, All Nations Christian College;  MA in Aspects of Biblical Interpretation, London School of Theology; PhD in Contextual Theology, Luther King House, Manchester. 

    Sue worked for over 14 years as an engineer and manager in the telecomms industry, before changing direction and re-training for a different kind of service.  She has been a visiting lecturer at All Nations since 2005, teaching a range of subjects including Gender Studies, Contemporary Western Culture and Film.  She is an ordained Baptist Minister, having served as Transitional Minister at Theydon Bois Baptist Church between 2009 and 2013, and worked with other churches during times of leadership transition, supporting them in the development of their vision for the future.  She has also served on the World Mission task group of the Eastern Baptist Association, and the Ministry group of the Yorkshire Baptist Association.  Her PhD thesis, based partly on field research in Uganda, is entitled: 'Power, Community and Justice: A Critical Analysis of the Lived Theologies of Gender in Integral Mission'.

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  • Jan Barlow

    Pastoral Care & Spiritual Formation Tutor (Missionary in Residence)

    BSc (Occupational Therapy), Post Graduate Diploma in Palliative Care, MA Leadership with Mission.

    Jan joined the staff team at All Nations in August 2019. She is a Liverpudlian born and bred and has spent the majority of her career working as an occupational therapist (OT), specialising in end of life care.

    In 2004 Jan travelled to China as a missionary and OT for a year, but ended up living there for 5!  Whilst there Jan worked in an orphanage and taught local staff in all aspects of rehabilitation, end of life care and bereavement support. China still occupies a huge space in Jan's heart today.

    On returning from China, Jan came to study at All Nations and completed an MA in Leadership with Mission in 2011, and returned to Liverpool working primarily in hospices but also in a variety of roles, including chaplain, bereavement counsellor and trainer in end of life care and bereavement support.

    We are delighted to welcome Jan back to All Nations as part of the staff team!

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  • Emma Dipper

    Partnerships Developer & Lecturer in Theology of Suffering & Persecution

    Emma initially studied at All Nations 1997-1999 and returned after serving with her family in Central Asia to gain her MA in 2011. Emma has since had years of experience working with persecuted communities around the world, and was frequently invited back to college as a visiting lecturer, bringing theological wrestling to the issues of suffering and persecution.

    In 2016 Emma moved to All Nations with her family as her husband Andy Dipper became the new College Principal. In 2018 Emma officially joined the staff team and was given the additional role of becoming the College's Partnerships Developer. Emma is keen to develop College partnerships and remains passionate about delivering a robust missiology of suffering in order for students to be more equipped in serving in such a messy and wonderfully diverse world.

    Other roles and networks

    Founding Director of Gender and Religious Freedom which is part of the Religious Liberty Partnership

    Gender and Persecution Adviser for Voice of the Martyrs, Canada

    Leadership team of the Women’s Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance

    Board Member of Charity based in Central Asia

    Mentor, Coach, Writer, Conference Speaker and Visiting Lecturer


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  • Louisa Evans

    En Route Tutor

    MTh in Contextual Theology with Distinction, BSc (Econ) Accounting and Finance.

    Before joining the staff team in 2013 Louisa worked for 7 years as the Elder/Administrator at City Temple International, a cross-cultural church in central London. Louisa also worked in Malaysia with International Students from over 30 countries during her role as a College Students’ Pastor with Full Gospel Tabernacle. She has also pastored a church plant with internationals, and was involved in migrant workers ministry.

    MTh Thesis on “An Evaluation of the Theology of Hwa Yung as a Basis to Equip the Malaysian church for the Transformation of Society.”

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  • Richard Evans

    En Route Programme Leader and Tutor

    BSc (Econs), London School of Economics; MA (Leadership in Mission) with Distinction, Open University.

    Richard joined the staff team in 2013, and enjoys inspiring and educating en route students for mission. His previous experience in mission involves: Administrator/Elder of City Temple International Church (URC) in Central London (7 Years); Pastor/Mission Liaison Worker/Bible School Teacher/Church Planter/Migrant Worker Ministry Developer with Full Gospel Tabernacle Church, Malaysia (8 Years); Short-term mission involvement in Myanmar, Bangladesh and Nigeria.

    MA Thesis Title: “The Church in Nepalgunj, Nepal: A Journey from ‘Three-Self’ to ‘No Self’ to ‘New Self’? A Case Study.”

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  • Jill Ford

    The Arts Programme Leader, Lecturer and Tutor

    BA Hons Music/Related Arts, PGCE Music/Drama, Diploma All Nations, MA Education University of London.

    Jill started teaching at All Nations in 2002 and has a background in music, theatre and performing arts and has experience in teaching, performing, conducting, directing and orchestral playing. Jill has designed and developed the Arts modules in to the All Nations curriculum at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She has introduced a variety of creative projects and events at the college. Jill supports the Hearts for Mission team going in to local churches encouraging them to engage creatively with mission and multicultural worship. Jill has short term mission experience in Nigeria, Uganda and Tanzania. She has worked with International students and Asylum Seekers. Jill is currently studying for a Doctorate in Worship Studies at the Robert Webber Institute in Jacksonville, Florida.

    Her other networks and roles currently incllude:

    • Chair for the WEA Arts in Mission Task Force Team
    • Board member of the Arts Plus Europe Round Table
    • Leader of Arts Plus UK network
    • Chair for the Multicultural Worship Forum (a partnership of All Nations, London School of Theology, Resonance and Integrity Music)
    • Board Member for Advisory Council for Christian Artists Holland.

    Jill has contributed to Worship and Mission for the Global Church – An Ethnodoxology Handbook By James R Krabill.

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  • Dr Mark Galpin

    Postgraduate Programme Leader, Tutor and Mission Development Studies Lecturer

    BSc (Hons) Environmental Science, MSc (Tropical Agricultural Development), PhD (Agricultural Development). 

    Mark has lived and worked in East Africa, where he grew up. In the year 2000, Mark completed his PhD in Development at Reading University. He has since had many years of experience on the field. He has worked for INF in a number of different programme focused roles - his background being in the area of community development. In 2007-8 Mark briefly taught Development Studies at All Nations as a missionary in residence, flared on by his keen interest in linking theology and community development and seeing the local church act as an agent of change in society. From 2009 until 2016 Mark served as Executive Director of the United Mission to Nepal. In September 2016 Mark returned to All Nations as lecturer and tutor, heading up one of the major streams of the college; Integral Mission and Development. In March 2018 Mark Galpin became the All Nations Postgraduate Programme Leader.

    "Mark is a great teacher and tutor, caring passionately about his students but also the wider world, and enthusing others about sustainable development in different contexts and using creative methods. He has a wealth of experience in this area and is able to talk from a grass roots level making his teaching relevant, encouraging and interesting".

    Ruth Radley, Mission Partner in Children's Ministry at Church Mission Society, South Sudan.

    Interview with NEW All Nations Lecturer Mark Galpin live from Nepal from All Nations on Vimeo.

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  • Dr Hannah Green

    Anthropology and Cross-Cultural Tutor

    BA (Hons) Human Geography (University of Wales, Aberystwyth), MA International Social Development and PhD International Development (University of East Anglia)

    Hannah joined All Nations in 2018 following 5 years of working in the charity sector. In her previous role at the Young Foundation, Hannah was championing anthropological research as a way to better understand people and communities in order to engage effectively and find appropriate, new ways of tackling major social challenges.

    Hannah’s background is in human geography and international development. Hannah has spent time as an assistant tutor at UEA on undergraduate and postgraduate courses in social anthropology, gender, and anthropological research methods. Her PhD thesis used anthropological methods and theories to consider aspirations in rural Uganda and the ways that these are negotiated within a family and the wider community.

    Hannah is a founding trustee of a small development charity, 'a little bit of HOPE' and has spent a year living in the Butaleja District of Uganda.

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  • Dr L Mak

    Islamic Studies Lecturer and Tutor

    BA, University of Toronto. PhD, University of London.

    Dr Mak’s research and publications relate to Western interaction with the Muslim world and was previously a Research Fellow at the University of London. He has also been a consultant and adviser to European and East Asian organisations and professionals serving cross-culturally in many different countries. He is quadra-continental and multi-lingual, having spent significant years in East Asia, North America, North Africa and Europe. He enjoys teaching from God’s Word and encouraging Christians to grow in their love and understanding of their Muslim neighbours.

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  • Michael Resta

    Ministry Placement Tutor (Missionary in Residence)

    LLB in Law, Leicester University; BA (Hons) Biblical and Intercultural Studies, All Nations Christian College; MA (with Merit) Contemporary Mission Studies, All Nations Christian College; CELTA, Languagelink, London.

    Michael worked for 10 years as a lawyer/solicitor before retraining at All Nations in Biblical and Intercultural Studies. He then became a teacher and returned to China (after having visited there during the All Nations Ministry Placement scheme) to teach, as well as in Hong Kong. Michael has been living and working in that part of the world since 2006. In 2016 Michael returned to All Nations to study 1 year for an MA in Contemporary Mission Studies. He has since taught English in various schools/institutions and was an IELTS examiner in Shanghai, China with British Council for one and a half years.  Michael is now back at All Nations for a third time but in a wholly new capacity - on staff as the Ministry Placement Tutor and Coordinator. Michael of all people knows what impact this placement opportunity at All Nations can have!

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  • Rev. Dr V. J. Samkutty

    Vice Principal Academic, Undergraduate Programme Leader, Tutor and New Testament and Greek Lecturer

    BSc – Physics, Bishop Moore College, Kerala. BD – Union Biblical Seminary, Pune. MTh – New Testament, United Theological College, Bangalore. PCHE – The University of Sheffield. PhD – New Testament, The University of Sheffield.

    Sam joined the staff team in 2003 and currently serves as the Vice-Principal (Academic) of All Nations. He is the Programme Leader of the Undergraduate Programmes and teaches New Testament Studies and Greek. He is the author of The Samaritan Mission in Acts (Library of New Testament Studies no. 328, London: T&T Clark, 2006). Sam was born in Kerala, South India and is a third generation Pentecostal Christian. After graduating in Physics he pursued biblical studies and taught at various bible colleges and seminaries in India. He has extensive pastoral ministry experience in India and Britain. He is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God in Great Britain. Sam is passionate about preaching the gospel alongside his college teaching, and has a PhD from the University of Sheffield on the Samaritan mission in Acts 8.

    ‘Teaching Methods of Jesus’, in George T. Kurian and Mark A. Lamport (Eds.), Encyclopaedia of Christian Education (Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield, 2015), 1254-56. ‘The Meaning of the Sermon on the Mount’, in George T. Kurian and Mark A. Lamport (Eds.), Encyclopaedia of Christian Education (Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield, 2015), 1138. Book Review of Performance in Preaching: Bringing the Sermons to Life, Jana Childers and Clayton J. Schmit (eds), Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2008, in Evangelical Quarterly 82.4 (2010), pp.372-374. ‘Samaritan Mission’, in John Corrie (ed.), Dictionary of Mission Theology (Leicester: IVP, 2007), pp.357-59. ‘Cross’, in John Corrie (ed.), Dictionary of Mission Theology (Leicester: IVP, 2007), pp.78-82. The Samaritan Mission in Acts (Library of New Testament Studies 328; London: T&T Clark, 2006). ‘Soteriology’, in T.P. Varghese (ed.), Systematic Theology (Tiruvalla: Readers, 1999).

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  • Lynn Yee

    Prayer for the Nations Coordinator

    BA (Film & Television Production), Australia; MA (Christian Formation & Discipleship), University of the Nations, Switzerland.

    Lynn originally hails from Singapore, and has worked with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) since 1999, being involved in discipleship training and leading short-term mission teams throughout Southeast Asia.  Since 2009, she has been based in Scotland and England as an intercessory missionary, partnering with various prayer and worship ministries and working on various prayer projects around Europe.  She has extensive experience in prayer and worship ministries, ranging from prophetic intercession for nations and strategic onsite prayer assignments, to training missionaries, leading worship and running contemplative prayer retreats. 

    Lynn walks closely with global prayer movements, such as Watchmen for the Nations, and continues to be part of various YWAM global networks, including the YWAM Refugee Circle Convenors and the YWAM Spiritual Direction Circle.  She also trained as a spiritual director with SPIDIR in south London, and is a practising director with the Diocese of St Albans.

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