The Easneye Business Network aims to explore calling, discipleship and mission for those seeking to live out their faith in the world of business.

The network includes members of the local business community and commuters living in the Herts and Essex region, providing encouragement, inspiration, challenge and support, plus time to sahre and pray with individuals facing similar challenges and opportunities. It is supported by All Nations Christian College and Christ Church Ware.

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Events so far have included:

Rediscovering the Heart of Business (Feb to June, 2017)

A series of five evenings exploring the assertion, drawn from the story of Adam and Eve, that

the purpose of business is to create a productive and thriving society.

God has a heart for the world of business, not just because he cares for each person working in or impacted by business, but because enterprise itself (understood from God's perspective) is part of His calling and plan for humankind.

Understanding business from this perspective enables us to align our motivation and purpose in business with our motivation and purpose in life. And hence develop a much fuller, richer and more satisfying alternative to the narrow and misleading idea that the purpose of business is to maximise shareholder wealth.

The series was developed and led by Peter Hanney, an experienced business consultant, and explored the following topics:

  • What do good businesses look like? - based on a survey of successful businesses having a particularly positive impact on society.
  • What has gone wrong with our business culture? - the battle for heart and minds in business, and how to influence the businesses we work for.
  • The role of business in tackling poverty and fuelling economic development - how can businesses and entrepreneurs have the most impact?
  • How can we be complete business people? - What does life in all it's fullness look like in the world of business?


Future-Fit Business (Nov 2017) 

Martin Rich is the Co-founder and Executive Director of the Future-Fit Foundation, which provides a scince-based approach to encourage businesses to be environmentally restorative, socially just and economically inclusive.

At this evening seminar, Martin outlined this approach and the challenges of building a better business culture. He also shared at a more personal level how his Christian faith motivates his work and provides a rich context for understanding what is good in business and how to make a positive impact.

 Visit to learn more.


Did you sleep well? (March 2018)

This evening was led by Dan Collins, the founder of Fresh Tracks ( a business providing team development, conference engagement and experiential learning) and was focussed on the very practical issue of sleep, or lack of sleep, and how this impacts us at work and thoughout life.

Sleep quality has been gradually deteriorating over many years and sleep deprivation is widespread amongst working people. Dan has spent 25 years exploring why some teams and leaders outperform others. He's concluded that all of us would do better if we could manage our sleep more effectively.

Visit to learn more.

Upcoming events

Please see the All Nations 'events' listings for upcoming Easneye Business Network related evenings.

Future plans

We aim to arrange one evening seminar and one prayer breakfast each academic term - details for future terms to follow.

Longer term aims include the following:

  • To provide or facilitate support amongst the All Nations alumni network, for those who are planning or running business ventures which have a social, development or missional focus.
  • To develop training or reference materials that could support relevant elements of the All Nations syllabus or be used more widely with student groups or within the church.

Other resources that you may find helpful:

Faith in Business seeks to affirm the role of business in God's purposes and explore the application of Christian faith and values in business. It is led by Dr Richard Higginson, based in Cambridge for over 25 years. It combines an international network of Christians working in business and a well-established body of teaching and events.

Transforming Business is an innovative research and development project, led by Dr Peter Heslam, also based in Cambridge but international in scope. From a christian perspective, it aims to examine and disseminate the role of faith and virtue in responsible enterprise. This includes a focus on the potential of business to transform society and reduce poverty.

Blueprint for Business is a movement challenging business to be a force for good. It aims to inspire and encourage companies to operate to a purpose that respects people and contributes to a better society. It is rooted in the tradition of Catholic social teaching and sets out a bluepring based on five principles for a purpose driven business.



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