All Nations tutors are supported by a number of associate and visiting lecturers who come in to assist with their specialisms. We are honoured and privileged to have several eminent and respected lecturers who come regularly to share their knowledge at All Nations.

  • Dr Emmanuel (and Emily) Anim

    Lecturing on African Studies in the BA programmes

    Emmanuel and Emily take time out from their busy schedule of pastoring and planting churches in Ghana to come and lecture on African Studies and Church Planting. It is a privilege to have such expertise, energy and passion for the gospel each year at All Nations.

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  • Beth Argot

    Lecturing on the Arts and Trauma Healing course

    Beth Argot serves with A.C.T. International (Artists in Christian Testimony) and is the Arts & Trauma Healing Liaison, PhD Coordinator, and Associate Director of the Center for Excellence in World Arts at Dallas International University. She received her doctorate in Worship Studies from the Robert Webber Institute for Worship Studies, with focus on spiritual formation, worship, and the arts. She was the founding chair of the Worship Arts and Media program at Life Pacific University in San Dimas, CA where she trained worship artists for multi-cultural and cross-cultural ministry. She also conducted foundational research in spiritual formation of the Worship Artist and established an integrative spiritual formation plan within the program. She continues her research at DIU, her current research focus on the parallels of Arts & Trauma Healing practices and historical worship practices.  

    In addition to teaching the DIU Arts and Trauma Healing course, Beth leads global webinars workshops, and healing groups, assisting missionaries and others in use of the arts for healing from trauma and other heart wounds.  

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  • Dr Stroma Beattie

    Lecturing on mental health and spiritual deliverance in the En Route, Express and BA programmes

    Stroma, from Scotland, is a medical doctor who served as a missionary in East Asia with OMF International for more than 20 years - mainly as the International Medical Adviser with responsibility to oversee the medical well-being of OMF’s 1400 missionaries and their 800 children.

    She has vast experience in the medical member care of missionaries having screened more than 1000 long-term workers and many more short-term colleagues and been involved in their ongoing care.  After initial service in South Korea, where she learned Korean, she moved to Singapore and lived with her husband at the Discipleship Training Centre but travelled widely in the region to fulfil her role. 
    Stroma has spoken on a range of missional topics in Asia, Australia, the USA and Europe and has written articles on medical member care including contributions to Worth Keeping (WEA Globalization of Mission Series) and Missions Matrix. Presently, she works part-time as a GP. As well as involvement with her husband’s Tutor Group, she teaches on en route, express and the BA programme.

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  • Dr Rev. Dr Warren Beattie

    Lecturing on contextual theology in the Masters programme

    BD (Hons), MSc (Non-Western Christianity) and a PhD (University of Edinburgh).

    Warren (an ordained Church of Scotland minister) and his wife Stroma have spent over 20 years living in Asia and working in South Korea and Singapore. Warren has a special concern for theology of mission, contextualization and mission in Asian settings. Warren was a former All Nations tutor during 2012 - 2018 and taught on missional and theological themes as they relate to different contexts in the BA and MA programmes . Warren is also passionate about the role of Arts in the church and mission - and was director of an instrumental and vocal ensemble at his church in Singapore and All Nations.

    Warren has been a contributor to several publications on mission including Global Mission: Case Studies and Reflections (2010); Asia in Christian History – a CSCA Workshop (2010); One World or Many (2003) and The Impact of Globalization (2003). Recently, as Director for Mission Research with OMF International he has been editor of the journal the Mission Round Table (10 editions) and of the electronic digest Research Matters (7 editions) and continues to be interested in promoting research and writing about missional themes.

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  • Dave Bookless

    Lecturing on creation care and theology in the En Route and BA programmes

    Dave has worked with A Rocha since 1997, first as an International Trustee, then from 2001 with A Rocha UK as co-founder, National Director, and then Director for Theology, Churches & Sustainable Communities. 

    He joined the A Rocha International team in September 2011. His role as Director of Theology includes providing advice and resources for ARI’s Trustees, Team and national A Rocha organizations, and coordinating liaison with international theological and mission networks and organizations. 

    Dave’s passion is communicating biblical teaching to today’s cultures, and he has spoken in many countries to conferences, colleges and churches. He has contributed to many books and has authored two: Planetwise – Dare to Care for God’s World (IVP, 2008) and God Doesn’t do Waste (IVP, 2010), selected by Third Way magazine as one of its books of the year for 2010.

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  • Dr Jayakumar Christian

    Lecturing on the Principles and Practices of Community Transformation module in the Postgraduate Programme

    Jayakumar Christian is an expert in Christian faith based perspectives on development and author of numerous academic articles and books on poverty issues, including 'God of the Empty Handed'. Christian was formerly the national director and CEO of World Vision India, with responsibility over almost 2,000 aid workers serving 2.4 million children in the country.

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  • Carolyn Cole Rodrigues de Souza

    Lecturing in the En Route programme

    She has been involved in mission since 1990, working with street children in Brazil with Latin Link, and was involved in training missionaries with BMS for two and half years. Carolyn has worked with Latin Link and latterly with YWAM on their English and Cultural Orientation programme.

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  • Ian Collinge

    Lecturing on world worship in the BA and MA programmes

    Ian Collinge is an ethnodoxologist with WEC International and trains people in music and culture in various Christian institutions in the UK and abroad. Ian has experience as a musician, pastor, church planter, ethnomusicology trainer and ministry leader. He helped to produce worship and outreach resources for churches in Asia and for some years has been coaching musicians and developing resources for intercultural worship in the UK. He and his wife founded and lead WEC's arts ministry, called 'Arts Release', a collective of artists, musicians, and performing artists in several countries.

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  • Emma Dipper

    Visiting Lecturer in Theology of Suffering & Persecution

    Emma initially studied at All Nations 1997-1999 and returned after serving with her family in Central Asia to gain her MA in 2011. Emma has since had years of experience working with persecuted communities around the world, and is on staff as a visiting lecturer, bringing theological wrestling to the issues of suffering and persecution..

    In 2016 Emma moved to All Nations with her family as her husband Andy Dipper became the College Principal. In 2018 Emma officially joined the staff team and was given the additional role of becoming the College's Partnerships Developer. In 2021 she became the interim Engagement Team Manager, before steping back from this role to persue her own further education. Emma remains passionate about delivering a robust missiology of suffering in order for students to be more equipped in serving in such a messy and wonderfully diverse world.

    Other roles and networks

    Founding Director of Gender and Religious Freedom which is part of the Religious Liberty Partnership

    Convenor for Gender and FoRB working group, UK Freedom of Religion or Belief Forum

    Gender and Persecution Adviser for Voice of the Martyrs, Canada

    Leadership team of the Women’s Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance

    Board Member of Charity based in Central Asia

    Mentor, Coach, Writer, Conference Speaker and Visiting Lecturer

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  • Tom Ferguson

    Lecturing on short course, Arts For a Better Future

    Tom Ferguson has served as an Ethno-Arts and Orality Trainer-Coach (with a faith based NGO) since 1994. He and his wife Tina have worked in Africa and Asia, equipping local believers and expatriate workers in the use of creative arts and oral communication strategies. Tom is certified by the International Council of Ethnodoxologists (ICE) as an Arts Training Specialist and is a charter member of ICE.

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  • Jill Garrett

    Lecturing on Leadership in the MA Programme

    Jill Garrett is Executive Director of Tentpeg Consulting; she is regarded as an authority on leadership development, team effectiveness, engagement, governance and the effective use of individual and organisational strengths. Jill’s work with leaders and senior teams has significantly helped to bring clarity of direction, renewed engagement and improved business results. Her passion is to improve organisational performance by enabling leaders to build cultures, strategies and processes which enable each person to be and do their best at work so as to benefit those the organisation exists to serve.

    Jill has been in senior leadership roles for over thirty years, Previously Jill has been European Managing Director of the Gallup Organisation, Senior Account Manager, Customer Services Director, Director of Leadership Development, a Secondary School Head teacher. She has designed a number of recruitment and strengths based talent development tools. The Inspirational Leadership Tool, developed in partnership with the Government’s Innovation Group has been widely used to help Leaders to optimise and apply their innate leadership strengths. She has worked globally to help organisations to raise engagement and productivity.

    Jill works closely with senior leaders across sectors with culture change, executive development and efficiency agendas and coaches CEO’s, Strategic Directors and their teams.

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  • Dr Chris Gassler

    Lecturing on short course, Arts For a Better Future

    Dr Chris Gassler is an Arts Specialist who has been serving with Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) International since 2013. His present assignment is in Cameroon, Africa where he works with several language projects in championing local arts as a means of scripture engagement. Chris became the Ethnoarts Coordinator for SIL Africa in October 2018.

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  • Martin Goldsmith

    Lecturing in the En Route programme

    After many years lecturing at All Nations Martin has now retired, and spends much of the year globetrotting together with Elizabeth. We always enjoy Martin's unique style of lecturing, and he comes in to teach on en route as well as the longer courses on a variety of topics.

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  • Dr Robin Harris

    Primary Facilitator of Arts For A Better Future

    Robin has M.A.s in Intercultural Studies and Ethnomusicology and a Ph.D. in Music/Ethnomusicology. She served for decades in cross-cultural contexts, including 10 years in Russia, and now speaks at colleges and conferences about topics such as ethnodoxology and ethnomusicology.

    Robin currently serves as Director of GIAL’s Center for Excellence in World Arts and is President of the International Council of Ethnodoxologists (ICE).  Robin sits on the WEA Mission Commission- Arts in Mission Task Force.

    Her publications include co-editing 'Worship and Mission for the Global Church: An Ethnodoxology Handbook' (William Carey Library, 2013) and 'Life and Death in Siberia\; The Olonkho Epic in Changing Times (forthcoming with University of Illinois Press).

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  • Dr Richard Harvey

    Lecturing on Judaism and the Hebrew Bible on the BA and En Route programmes.

    Cert. All Nations; BA (Hons), PGCE, Bristol; MA London; PhD, Wales (Lampeter).

    Dr Richard Harvey is a Messianic Jew who teaches the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), Hebrew language and Jewish studies. Richard has been involved in planting Messianic congregations and evangelism with Jews for Jesus and Church's Ministry among Jewish People.

    Richard is a member of the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism; European Board Member, Jews for Jesus; Vice-President, British Messianic Jewish Alliance; Board of Reference, Caspari Centre, Jerusalem; Editorial Board, Mishkan (Academic Journal on Jewish Evangelism and Messianic Judaism) Jerusalem.

    His writings include 'But I'm Jewish' and 'A Jewish Approach to the Trinity'. A revised version of his thesis is published by Paternoster Press/Authentic Media as "Mapping Messianic Jewish Theology: A Constructive Approach"(Carlisle: Paternoster, 2009).

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  • Sheryl Haw

    Lecturing on Integral Mission and Development in the BA and En Route programmes.

    Sheryl is the International Director of Micah Global. She has over 20 years working experience in aid and development around the world and combines this with a passion for integral mission. Having grown up in Zimbabwe, lived in various continents and worked in many countries, it seems appropriate that Sheryl feels comfortable to refer to “All Nations” as home!

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  • Dr Debbie and Dr David Hawker

    Lecturing on psychology and member care in the BA programmes

    They seek to support missionaries and their families around the world, and have served short-term in about 30 countries. They offer assessments, training, debriefing, consultations, supervision, mentoring, prayer and retreats, as well as writing books and articles. Debbie is on the board of the Global Member Care Network. They have a son, Jamie, who has taught them that they are not experts and theories don’t always work in practice!

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  • Dr Bob Hunt

    Bob has spent a lifetime of involvement with the College. He was among the first students at All Nations when it moved from its site in Taplow, Bucks to Easneye in 1964. Then, after service in Congo, he returned to Easneye to join the College staff in 1973. He continued as a Tutor and as a Vice Principal until his retirement in 2006. He was awarded a Doctorate by the Open University for his services to missionary education.

    Since retirement he has returned to teach the Mission Strategy module on our MA programme. He’s also been Acting Pastor of Hoddesdon Baptist Church and continues to travel to teach in seminaries in India & Ethiopia besides leading tours to Israel.

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  • Mary Beth Saurman

    Lecturing on the Arts and Trauma Healing course

    Mary Beth Saurman has a BS in Music Therapy and an MA in Intercultural Studies/Ethnomusicology.  Mary is a PhD Candidate at University of Bern, Switzerland with a focus of ethnomusicology and arts combined in multilingual education.

    Mary Beth has 13 years experience working as a Creative Arts Therapist and Music Therapist in clinical settings, including: mental health care, geriatric care, and special needs.  Her training and expertise focus on Music Therapy and Dance/Movement Therapy and has worked in the other areas of Creative Arts as therapy.

    Mary Beth has worked with SIL International for the last 22 years as an advocate for the music and arts of ethnic minority groups. 

    In Thailand, she works as an Ethnomusicologist for Mahidol University in Bangkok.  Mary Beth also teaches at Payap University in Chiang Mai, training nationals from Asia and Eurasia as catalysts for the creation of culturally relevant arts. She works in the areas of using Arts in Trauma Healing, Community Development, Scripture Engagement, Sustainability, Literacy, Multilingual Education, Media, Bible Storying, and more.

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  • Anne Sloan

    Lecturing on Personal and Spiritual Formation in the En Route and BA programmes

    Anne has been a missionary with Youth With A Mission since 1991. Together with her family she served for over 5 years on board the hospital ship m/v Anastasis, serving mainly in West Africa. Anne was involved in training and served as the ship’s personnel manager, for 420 crew. Since then she has been based at one of YWAM England’s training campuses in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. She has a role in staff care & development and training in YWAM’s Discipleship Training Schools. With her husband Brian, she continues to be involved in YWAM’s maritime ministries serving on the international eldership and overseeing YWAM England’s sail training vessel – s/y Next Wave.

    She is also a visiting tutor for Together In Mission on their ‘Masters in Missional Leadership’ programme. She is a qualified life coach, conflict mediator, licensed Myers Briggs Practitioner and holds a PGCE in Emotional Education. She has 2 grown up sons, one an RE Teacher and the other a full time YWAM missionary.

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  • Dr Ruth Wall

    En Route Programme Designer

    BSc(Hons) and PGCE (Bristol), MA (Warwick), PhD (UCL-Institute of Education).

    Ruth is a former All Nations tutor and En Route programme designer. For more than 20 years she has been involved in designing and delivering adult education programmes. In 2004 she gained a distinction for her Masters in Education Management and in 2014 completed doctoral research in transformative learning. Born in Brazil and growing up in West Africa has shaped her identity and interest in other cultures. Ruth has lived in South Sudan and in Kenya where she coordinated education programmes and had responsibility for the pastoral care and training of missionaries. In South Sudan she co-founded and chaired the Association of Christian Educators and today she chairs the International Mission Training Network (IMTN), a global network of the WEA-Missions Commission.

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  • Dr Chris Wigram

    Mission Strategy course tutor

    Dr Chris Wigram, Previously mission partner with OMF and recently retired CEO of European Christian Mission (ECM).

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