24th November 2016

Former All Nations student named as new Director of Global Connections, UK.

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We were very pleased to learn that former student of All Nations, Anna Bishop, has been namAnna Bishoped as the next Director of Global Connections, UK (GC). Anna studied on our BA programme from 2006-2008. Her former tutor, Dr. Paul J. Davies said, “Anna is a great choice for director of GC. She brings experience of the local church, which will be invaluable for GC in the future.” GC board member and CEO/Principal of All Nations said, “Anna’s character, qualifications and experience make her perfect for this important role.” Martin Lee, current Director of GC writes, “The Board believes that she has the right spiritual qualities, gifts and leadership competencies to lead the work of Global Connections as we face the challenges of the 21st century. I couldn’t agree more and am delighted that GC has appointed a female Bishop!”

In the light of the recent appointment of former postgraduate student, David Ruiz as Executive Director of the World Evangelical Alliance, Mission Commission, we can say that All Nations is training some of the most important leaders in world mission.

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