All Nations graduates pop up all over the place.


All Nations graduates pop up all over the place. I cannot count the numbers of times people have said to me, “Your dad taught me, back in the day”. Increasingly these All Nations graduates are taking the lead in positions of influence in the mission world.

As an illustration of this, last week we heard the news that former student, Rev. David Ruíz has been named as Executive Director of the World Evangelical Alliance Missions Commission. David was an MA student 2007-2008. He succeeded Dr. Bertil Ekström, who had studied for his PhD at All Nations, graduating in 2011. It is a thrill and privilege for us to have two former students having this important role.

When we started thinking about it, we were stunned by the numbers of former students who are in responsible positions. It is so satisfying when we see former students as important leaders in the mission world. When we started to reflect we realised how many of them there actually are! Paul Bendor-Samuel (OCMS), Alan Tower (Latin Link and Friends International), Ian Darke (Coordinator of the Contemporary Biblical Commentary in Spanish), Ray Porter (Oak Hill), Kirsteen Kim (York Met University) and Cathy Ross (Cuddeston College, Oxford). So what role might All Nations have played in the formation of these leaders?

All Nations trains people to take part in God’s mission at grassroots level, perhaps it is this training that makes for a good servant leader, which is an image that is clearly revealed to us through the actions of Christ Jesus. Perhaps it could be the specific courses and modules that All Nations offers on leadership, or the fact that people already in positions of leadership come to All Nations to train further so that they can use the tools and resources that are given to lead projects and organisations on in strategic ways which glorify God? These courses look at both biblical and secular models of leadership in order to consider, evaluate and apply.

Tutors at All Nations are experienced leaders. In addition to this, the whole of All Nations training is designed to form people who listen to God, instil vision in others and are capable of following through a process of implementation: all essential qualities of a strategic leader.

What qualities do you think make for a good leader? How are these instilled into a person? Could you be the next David Ruíz?


Written by Paul Davies

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